New MCU Theory Suggests that Val is Working for Kang

Loki has ended with a bang. The season finale of the television show has brought with it a lot more questions than answers. Fans were hoping that The God of Mischief would get some closure when he met the man behind the curtain. However, the meeting with He Who Remains was an ambiguous and vague incident that seemed like it had no consequence. Loki and Sylvie met He Who Remains in the time citadel and rather than reaching a resolution they killed him in cold blood. The death of the person who discovered the multiverse has pronged Phase IV of the MCU into motion. Not only do we have the next big bad, KANG, but we also have a good idea of his motivations. The same actor (Jonathan Majors) has been cast as both He Who Remains and as Kang. Now, we’ve got a new theory suggesting that Val is Working for Kang.

This means that they are different sides of the same coin. It is possible that the same scientist has the capacity to become either Kang or He Who Remains.  A new theory even teases that Val is working for Kang. The theory is by u/Johnssc1. It goes into a lot of detail but the basic premise is very simple. The common belief is that Kang and He Who Remains have been manipulating their past to make sure that things happen as they want them to. He Who Remains reveals that he knows that every timeline has a Kang now. What he does not tell us is that there is a good chance that any of his alternate timeline versions have a good chance of becoming Kang at any given point. The way it works is that one path leads to Kang while an alternate path leads to He Who Remains.

Relevance of The Multiverse

Val is Working for Kang

But that is very vague. You see, the multiversal war was won by He Who Remains. They just drop that information in the show but intentionally leave out the details. More likely than not, the multiversal war was fought between He Who Remains and Kang. While He Who Remains has the TVA, the people supporting Kang are theorized to be working for VAL. Don’t believe me? Well, why don’t you take the TVA logo and flip it upside down?

The Logo now reads VAL for some unknown reason. But we already know why this is. It is because VAL is working for Kang. The aforementioned goes into a lot of detail regarding the same. The gist is that He Who Remains planned his death at the hands of Sylvie all along. It is theorized that He Who Remains purposefully lets himself die so that his 31st-century self can discover the multiverse and equip himself with the power to win the multiversal war. Information is the true power and it seems that He Who Remains makes his death the most powerful source of information for himself.

Val is Working for Kang

MCU Phase IV seems to be headed to a storyline with a closed time loop. In a sense, this will mean the introduction of a self-contained storyline with a looping reality. I know that seems like a lot of words but time travel fans are familiar with the Rick & Morty analogy of a snake eating its own tail. A closed time loop becomes more interesting when the same person comes out of it in branching pathways. Maybe this is what the writers are doing with Kang and He Who Remains. They are making sure that the same character finds himself on completely opposite sides of the spectrum.

The Leadup to the War

Val is Working for Kang

In a sense, the multiverse is very fickle. It is controlled by no one yet influenced by every little detail. This is what the writers are banking on. It is also how He Who Remains and Kang have been able to influence the independent timelines/paths. The Theory of Kang being He Who Remains seems to only be supported by the casting decisions. But let us not forget, Marvel lies. So another big piece of evidence is that Val is working for Kang and influencing the timeline so that he is the one who comes out on top rather than He Who Remains.

You see, even if the multiversal war is won in the events of Loki it is still entirely possible that they will lose it in the future. It sounds maddening, I know, but that’s what Time Travel stories are like. It’s best not to think about it a lot. The fact that there are infinite universes with infinite outcomes also helps mitigate some of the loopholes.

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