The Spell of Doctor Strange Could Ensure Peter Is No More An Avenger

The trailer for No Way Home dropped a while back. The footage that we got raised a bunch more questions than it attempted to answer. Rumors already suggested that the movie will be based around the multiverse and that old Spider-Men from sony would be making their debut in the MCU. But what we received in the trailer was even more convoluted than that. Starting from the villains, we got a sneak peek at a possible multiversal Sinister Six. But, more importantly, we got a look at the spell of Doctor Strange in No Way Home that kickstarts the domino effect of ripping a hole in the multiverse.

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You see, after the ending of Far From Home Peter was despondent because Mysterio released a video claiming that Peter Parker was Spider-Man and Spidey was the one attacking him with the drones. This is all Mysterio misdirection, but nothing works on the general public like some fancy camera tricks. It is implied in the No Way Home trailer that Peter approaches Dr. Strange to undo this act of Mysterio through magic. He wants Strange to cast a spell so that everyone forgets that he is Spider-Man. The only problem with the spell is that even his inner circle will forget his secret identity.


Upon realizing this Peter approaches Strange in the middle of the spell and asks him to stop it. Strange cannot stop, much like how an arrow that has already been shot cannot be retrieved mid-flight. Though, the interruption distracts strange and causes a ripple effect that rips a hole in the multiverse. This is where the movie takes place, between the space of the surreal and the infinite void. So we must consider the repercussions of the spell.


Spell of Doctor Strange In No Way Home

The Spell that Strange casts seem to be some advanced form of Hypnosis. It is aimed at targeting specific memories of people all over the globe so that Peter can live a life in peace. But we argue that if the spell is successful it would lead to some undesired outcomes which Peter seems to realize. The whole in the multiverse came into existence because of Peter’s double-mindedness, presumably. But can you really blame the lad? He was only trying to ensure that his inner circle would remember his secret identity.


I mean, you must understand that if EVERYONE forgets the secret identity of Spider-Man it could lead to some complications. The first problem out of all of this would be the lack of cohesiveness on who is Spider-Man. The Avengers would n longer recognize Peter, Happy would know May and Peter and know Spider-Man but he won’t remember the connection between them. It is also possible that he forgets about Peter entirely and then fails to contact Aunt May ever again, a woman with whom he’s in love with. The situation can get pretty complicated very fast.


Magic seems all good and well on paper but it gets stranger the more you think about it. Let’s start with the most basic of premises. If the entire world forgets the Secret Identity of Spider-Man does that include dead people? You see, Tony recruited Peter to the Avengers, not Spider-Man. He personally visited the Parker residence to invite the kid to intern at Stark Industries, which was code for taking him on a mission to fight against Captain America’s team in a parking lot. All of this lore, all of the established connections, go away as soon as Peter’s secret identity is secret again.


The Repercussions

In short, The Spell of Doctor Strange in No Way Home would mean that Peter is no longer an Avenger. It could also mean that Happy and May break up because they have a relationship because of Peter’s secret identity being revealed to them. If May doesn’t know Peter’s secret and Happy doesn’t know it then they would not remember how they got so close, which would result in some complications in the relationship.


We don’t mean to be a Debbie downer, but this is how things will play out if the spell of Doctor Strange in No Way Home were to take effect. What do you think about the analysis we have presented in the above post? Does it make sense to you, the chronology we have laid down? Or does it seem like we are reaching beyond the realm of the possible? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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