Avengers 4: Jeff Goldblum Just Revealed Grandmaster’s Fate Post Infinity War

If you’ve been a part of the movie culture for a long time you’re probably familiar with Jeff Goldblum ‘s stature in the industry. The man seems to come out every 10 years and become famous all over again. In the nineties, it was Jurassic Park and now it’s the Marvel cinematic universe. This man seems to have a different vibe to his portrayals. So much so that he completely breaks our perception at times. Take his involvement in the Marvel cinematic universe for once. Jeff Goldblum plays the role of the Grandmaster in the Marvel cinematic universe.

He portrays a bored old cosmic being who as almost limitless power and who chooses to use such power to pass his time by forcing powerful beings from other cultures and realities to fight for his pleasure.

Well, Bloodsport was invented by the Romans but this is a little much even for our taste as the comic fandom. Nonetheless, we adored the character when he debuted in the Marvel cinematic universe with Thor: Ragnarök. The carefree attitude, Taika Watiti’s unorthodox direction style, and Jeff Goldblum ‘s comedic timing ensured that we received one of the funniest antagonists in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Although the Grandmaster was shown to be attacked by the rebels in the after credits scene of Ragnarök, we have a YouTube video posted on the official Marvel channel picking up the continuity and explaining that the cosmic elder sought refuge in Australia with Thor’s old roommate. We can’t be sure if this qualifies as official marvel cinematic universe Canon but it did satiate our Jeff Goldblum ‘s Grandmaster diet.

Recently a reporter caught up with Goldblum and the actor had this to say about the fate of the Grandmaster post-Thanos’ snap in Infinity War:

“Grandmaster is more superheroed than all of them put together. You can’t kill me, I’m like a vampire,” the Thor: Ragnarok actor said in an interview.

“I’m deathless and I can kill people by looking at them. Or I can resurrect them just by looking at them and thinking of them. I can do everything.”

“Being able to do all of that, all I want to do is play games,” he continues. “So really I’m everywhere and nowhere. I’m like Keyser Söze.”


So what do we know ? We know that the Grandmaster was first introduced in Marvel comics in Avengers #69 as the main antagonist of the ongoing arc. He was the one who abducted the Avengers from their home and forced them to compete against other powerful beings for his own pleasure. Although the Avengers have survived their various and numerous encounters with the Grandmaster over the years, they have barely scraped by in most encounters.

The Grandmaster is a cosmic being. He was the part of the first sentient and intelligent race in all of creation and he has defeated the personification of death in a gamble that has rendered him and the other elders of the universe immortal. They rule the universe from the shadows and use their limitless power to entertain themselves with the shenanigans of our reality.

While the Grandmaster uses contests of both strength and brain, the Collector sees it fit to collect rare and unique items from all over the universe to preserve them and gauge the beauty of creation. All the elders have their own unique way of enjoying the nuances of immortality however they see fit.

Jeff Goldblum ‘s words make one fact abundantly clear, no matter what may have transpired in Infinity War (even the death of the collector) the Grandmaster is alive and well in the post-Avengers 3 Marvel cinematic universe and is a persistent threat to the existence of Avengers.

If what the actor says is true then we can assume that the Marvel cinematic universe iteration of the character is not much from the comic version of him. He is still all-powerful and in all respects still one of the most dangerous villains that the Avengers (possibly!?) will challenge in the near future.

Avengers 4 comes out may 3, 2018 in theatres near you. What is next for the Marvel cinematic universe, will we see the rise of Thanos to power in the fourth Avengers movie or will we see the heroes fall once again to the might of the Mad Titan. Keep watching this space to find out and for everything else Marvel, stick around.

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