10 Great Villains Who Could Be The Big Bads In Black Panther 2

The Black Panther movie is out and it has satisfied fans and critics on all fronts. But, the biggest take away from the movie was that it solved the villain problem that MCU has had most of the times in its 10 years or existence. Erik Killmonger was one of the best MCU villains and we need to have a great villain in Black Panther 2 as well. So, here’s a list of villains who could do great in Black Panther 2.

Kraven The Hunter

Kraven was actually going to be in the first Black Panther movie as well, but there were already so many characters in the movie that Kraven could not fit in. Still, Kraven is famously known as a Spider-Man villain, but since he was being considered for the first movie, he could be a great addition for the second one. He would be just great against Black Panther as both these individuals get their Superhuman abilities from the Jungle.


M’Baku became a great ally of T’Challa in Black Panther and by the looks of the Infinity War trailer, he will stay as an ally for the time being. But his arc could be turned into a different direction as now Wakanda will be interacting with the outside world and he along with his tribe may not agree with this particular fact and this could turn him into his comic book counter-part Man-Ape and be the antagonist for Black Panther.

Baron Zemo

Black Panther was the one who did not allow Zemo to die with what he had achieved in Civil War. He has now been locked up and is serving Justice. In the comics, he does have a history with Black Panther and there is a lot left to tell, so he could return in Black Panther 2.


In the comics, Nakia is obsessed with Black Panther and after being his ally, she turned into his common foe named Malice. In the movie also we saw some traits for her to actually be an antagonist towards the end, but she turned out to be the love interest of Black Panther, but she could be having a master plan and being loyal to T’Challa may be in her best interest for now. She could use T’Challa and turn into Malice and become T’Challa’s foe just like in the comics. This would allow for Storm to be focussed as a future love interest for T’Challa and the movie could be totally inspired from the comics!

Moses Magnum 

Moses Magnum is not as known as the rest of the Marvel Villains. He is a terrorist arms dealer who conquered Canaan which is a small African nation on the border of Wakanda. He got the power to generate seismic waves, and he could also aim devastating vibrations against various objects without even coming into contact with them. In the comics, while he was the ruler, he ordered to assassinate T’Challa to force Wakanda into chaos and attempt to acquire Vibranium.


W’Kabi is the head of the border tripe of Wakanda and he is also the best friend of T’Challa. As we saw in the movie that he lost faith in T’Challa due to his failure to capture Ulysses Klaue, the murderer of W’Kabi’s parents. So, he opposed T’Challa by joining forces with Killmonger who overthrew him. At the end he had to kneel down yet again as T’Challa claimed the throne. In BP 2, he may not have lost his grudges against T’Challa, and may serve as a side villain again.

Ulysses Klaue

Andy Serkis was great as Klaue, but sadly, we did not get to see much of him in the movie as his death was an important factor for the plot to turn the way it did. But, each and every movie fan would want to see more of him, so if he could be resurrected in some way, may be Thanos does it, then we would have a remarkable villain for Black Panther 2.

Erik Killmonger

Killmonger is certainly one of the best Villains of the entire MCU, but he decided to die towards the end, even after T’Challa offered to heal him. Fans are so not done with him, so he could be brought back if T’Challa decided to heal him anyway. This could turn him against T’Challa yet again, but its better if we get a new Villain for the sequel.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is Marvel comics’ best Villain, and since Marvel will soon get the rights to Fantastic Four back due to the Disney-Fox merger, MCU might introduce Doctor Doom through Black Panther instead of doing the old Fantastic Four story arc yet again!

Namor The Submariner

10 Great Villains Who Could Be The Big Bads In Black Panther 2

The coming of Namor is being looked forward to by the fans ever since we saw an Easter Egg in Iron Man 2. But, Black Panther itself took a lot of time to come, so Namor could take even more. Considering the story arcs in the comics Namor could be a great villain for Black Panther 2, and this could be a great introduction for him and Atlantis in the MCU.

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