12 Awesome Facts About Movie Weapons That You Need To Know

Some movies and real-life are both full of violence. Celluloid has the fun kind of violence, full of gizmos whose main job is to look cool. Let’s take a closer look at those wonderful weapons and props, seeing what makes them so memorable and accounts for major fandom. Here are some awesome facts about movie weapons that you need to know:

1) The Man With the Golden Gun

The golden gun went golden gone! One of the most iconic Bond weapons was stolen. Each of the prop guns was worth over $100,000 back then when that much could still buy a house, so it’s a bit surprising they didn’t all go missing.


2) The Karate Kid

Ralph Macchio flicked Daniel LaRusso’s headband. Karate Kid’s iconic headband was stolen! Granted, the thief came forward about it on live television, and no one cared given it was the Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio.

3) Star Trek

The phaser was created by Wah Ming Chang. Set phasers to underappreciated. Most of everything in the original series was created by the same man, Wah Ming Chang. The phasers, communicators, the Gorn, and even the struggles.


4) Mad Max: Fury Road

The fury flamethrower is made of bedpans. Flames made of bedpans are the way our future rocks. The guitar that shoots out of flames is made out of bedpans, both in and out of the universe. In the future, you gotta make do.

5) A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy almost had a sickle. Before landing on the iconic “man who needs a trim,” director Wes Craven thought about giving McDonald’s an overcooked twin a sickle because subtlety is for cowards and not even half as menacing!


6) Fargo

Facts about movie weapons

You can visit the bloody woodchipper. Visit Fargo! There’s a Woodchipper. The famous woodchipper from the film, where bodies were gruesomely disposed of in the only actual part which was based on true events. Based on a True Story film, it can be visited if you want. It’s a full-blown tourist attraction.

7) Star Wars

Ewan McGregor and laura Dern made weapon sounds. Schwoosh, zoom, pew! Obi-Wan McGregor started making lightsaber sounds while he used it because who can break years of play-acting? Admiral Holdo Dern did the same with her blaster. In both cases, it had to be edited out in post-production.


8) Doom

The BFG was based on an actual toy. “Big F***ing Gun” is what BFG stands for. But
it’s based on a real thing, a toy of all things. When the first game was being made, they
scanned a toy gun called a Roargun and just kinda shoved it into the game.

9) No Country for Old Men

Anton Chigurh kills only one person with the cattle gun. The cattle gun is the most iconic weapon in the movie, even though it’s only used lethally once. The rest of the time, it’s used primarily to kinda open doors.


10) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Leonardo DiCaprio used a real flamethrower. When the Manson family comes to kill Sharon Tate, DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton beats them off with a flamethrower. The thing is, it’s a real flamethrower with a real flame. Despite the fact that movies will CGI mustaches, they just gave DiCaprio a real one and let him loose. Dangerous or gutsy?

11) The Shining

Jack Torrance’s axe is worth a pretty sum. “Here’s Johnny!” is a thing you can do in your home only if you have enough money. The famous axe from The Shining was sold at auction and then presumably hidden away in a mountain.


12) The Mandalorian

Giancarlo Esposito kept breaking the Darksaber. Darksabers are fragile, it turns out. Esposito couldn’t stop breaking the props on the set of The Mandalorian.

Did you ever hear about any of the above weapons? If you did let us know which weapon you liked the most in the comments below.

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