5 Famous Supervillain Dialogues That Will Give You Goosebumps

There are many dialogues written to define the character of supervillains, but some of these are such that show the grey area, the conflict that they are going through and the ideology they believe in. Here are some dialogues that were uttered by villains giving a lot about their characters:

The Heart, Osborn

After Norman Osborn is affected by the super strength serum and is a victim of its side effects, he comes to know that Peter is Spider-Man, he hears his own voice guiding him to do something. “The cunning warrior attacks neither the body nor mind”, “then what tell me”, screams the real Norman. “The heart Osborn”, comes the voice from the other side.

Permission To Die

No one has ever been able to break Batman like Bane did. Both physically and mentally, in the Dark Knight Rises, Bane finds out about Batman’s true identity and breaks him, on being asked by Bruce why he’s still keeping him alive Bane replies that he’ll destroy Gotham, which when is nothing but ashes, it is only then when Bruce has Bane’s permission to die.

Everything They Built Will Fall

It is quite sad to see what the film did to the Apocalypse character, but still the main line of the character certainly does tell us about what he wants to achieve and why. Extremely dissatisfied with what the humankind has done with the world that was once Apocalypse’s, the world’s first mutant decides to ruin everything in order to build a new world. His exact words are, “Everything they built will fall, and from the ashes of their world, we’ll build a better one.”

Ready For Another Lesson?

Oh yes, it is this statement in the baritone voice of no one but Ben Kingsley himself. Iron Man 3, though did not do any justice to the character, The Mandarin, but it sure was scary when the antagonist, or at least who we thought the antagonist to speak these words. One is certain that what comes after these words is nothing, but carnage.

Why So Serious?


You know it’s not going to be a happy ending for you when you hear the words, “Let’s put a smile on that face” Complimenting the mystery behind the Joker’s actual origin story, Christopher Nolan’s flick also did this thing of the Joker having not one but numerous origin stories about how the clown got his scars. His “Why So Serious” is by far the most terrifying phrase of all time.

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