Netflix: 10 Hidden Details in YOU That You Surely Missed

With a thrilling plot and an edgy protagonist, Netflix‘s ‘You’ has become a sensation among the audiences.  The show has the right amount of dark humor and great writing that make it an extremely bingeable show. But did you know the show is also filled with numerous Easter eggs? Why yes! If you are a fan of Joe Goldberg and his antics, you might appreciate these hidden details in You that we’ve found out.

*SPOILERS for Season 3*

Love and Forty’s Names

Love and Forty are pretty unusual names but they might have more significance than you may think. In tennis terms, forty is the highest score one can get, while love means zero. Well, the Quinns were never subtle about who their favorite child was, and this is pretty evident even in the names they gave their children.


Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky

As you know, Joe Goldberg is an avid reader and one book that plays an important role in the series is Fyodor Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment. This is the book Joe sells to get a job at Anavrin and later he quotes it when he is locked in a cage by Love. The book closely resembles his own life and is a key to understanding Joe’s character.

Love’s First and Last Meal for Joe

Hidden Details in YOU

When Love first meets Joe, she prepares a meal of roast chicken for him which he loves. In the Season 3 finale, she makes the same meal for Joe and it turns out to be the last meal she ever makes. This is what we call a full circle.


Anavrin and Nirvana

You must have noticed that Anavrin is basically Nirvana spelled backwards. But that’s not all! The show has been referencing Nirvana since season 1. Beck was wearing a Nirvana t-shirt when she was locked in the glass cage by Joe.

The Guilt of Killing Peach

In season 1, Joe ends up murdering Peach and the guilt haunts him during season 2. This is evident when he first meets Love and has a conversation with her about peaches. He also rants about the peaches being mad at him during his LSD trip.


The Hiding of the Keys

In season 3, we see Joe and Love reach a decision that whenever they lose their tempers, they would simply lock their victims in the glass cage. However, they both end up hiding keys in the cage because they didn’t trust each other. This little detail was a foreshadowing to the finale and highlighted their problematic relationship.

The Ruby Wedding Ring

Hidden Details in YOU

Seeing how Love and Joe are not a conventional married couple, it makes sense that Love’s wedding ring has a Ruby in it. Instead of a traditional diamond ring, Love’s ring features the red stone which resembles a drop of blood and is symbolic of her psychopathic tendencies.


The Great Gatsby Inspiration

Another classic book that plays an integral part in season 2 is ‘The Great Gatsby’. Throughout the season, Forty calls Joe ‘old sport’, which is a peculiar nickname. What’s special about it is that this nickname was used by Jay Gatsby for Nick Carraway in the book. And just like Jay Gatsby, Forty ends up getting shot, which is subtle foreshadowing.


Foreshadowing of Love’s Death

In the season 3 finale, Love finally meets her gruesome end at the hands of Joe but her death was foreshadowed earlier in the show. Love takes an interest in gardening and plants Aconite in her garden to incapacitate Joe. However, her plan backfires as Joe knew exactly what she was planting in their backyard and finally kills her using the poison. Also, the other name for Aconite is Wolfsbane, which is a subtle nod to Love and Joe’s questionable relationship.


The Café in Paris

Hidden Details in YOU

After Love’s death, Joe has an insane setup and he leaves the country for Paris. In the city of love, Joe is seen working at a café while hoping to run into Marienne. Some viewers were quick to notice that the name of the café is symbolic of Joe’s pursuit as it is called Le Chasseur Solitaire which means ‘The Lone hunter’.

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