10 Celebs Who Turned Down A Life-Changing Role

Movies are the ultimate love and we cherish them for inviting us in a new world. The fate of movies are uncertain as it depends on a multitude of factors, one such factor is casting of lead characters. Sometimes A-list celebs say no to a particular role and later they regret it. Check out our list of 10 Celebs Who Turned Down A Life-Changing Role. [Sometimes they also rejoice that they rejected the offer]

Nicole Kidman Turned Down Indecent Proposal

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were all set to start in Indecent Proposal but something turned the mind of Nicole and she decided to star in Malice and My Life that year because she saw more potential in it. But it’s not even a fraction of what Indecent Proposal became.

Ryan Reynolds Could Have Been Xander On Buffy The Vampire Slayer

For the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon actually wanted Ryan Reynolds to take the role of Buffy. Ryan was interested but he considered sticking to his character Deadpool in the movie X-Men: Origins. Rest is history.

Did The Carrie Remake Flop Because of Shailene Woodley Bailed?

The team of the movie Carrie Remake wanted Shailene Woodley, the one who acted in Divergent, to play the titular character. But, Shailene turned the proposal down. The team then selected the elegant and ethereal, Chloë Grace Moretz to play the role, but the movie was criticised by the critics for going through the motions of the original without going through some dark themes to make it different.

Leonardo DiCaprio Did Not Choose To Become The Jedi

There was this casting call that went out for adult Anakin Skywalker, for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, George Lucas thought of only one actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. He knew that he was very popular among girls and starring him in the movie would bring a lot of teenage girls to the theatres, and would expand the fan base of Star Wars.

Ryan Gosling Turned Down The Fifty Shades Role Created Just For Him

E.L. James actually envisioned our favourite Ryan Gosling for the Fifty Shades movies based on the novel series under the same name. He was given the role of Christian Grey, the billionaire romantic lead. Ryan Gosling rejected the offer because he always does a standalone movie and did not want to become a part of a trilogy.

John Travolta Regrets Passing On Forrest Gump

Forest Grump was an amazing movie but it would have been different if John Travolta played the main character. John Travolta rejected the role in Forest Grump because then, he was already filming for Pulp Fiction. In the interviews, he had to mention that he has a small regret in his heart that he rejected the role. He lost an Academy Award for Best Actor to Tom Hanks.

Brangelina Happened When Johnny Depp Was Too Busy To Take The Male Lead In Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith was an awesome spy flick. This was the movie where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie came to sets together for the first time, and decided to take it forward with each other, leading to Pitt’s divorce with Jennifer Aniston. If Johnny Depp hadn’t turned down the role, Brangelina would have never happened and dozens of tabloids would have gone bankrupt for lack of material. Johnny turned down the role because he was too exhausted with the acting and wanted to take a break.

Will Smith Chose Not To Enter The Matrix

The makers The Wachowski Brothers wanted Will Smith to take the role in The Matrix considering his star power in the series of Men in Black. Keanu Reeves’s audition tape, when Will Smith watched it, he immediately turned down the role because he could not take a role that was so meant for some another actor.

Julia Roberts Didn’t Fall For The Oscar-Winning Role In Shakespeare In Love

Julia Roberts starred in Pretty Woman and everyone was impressed so much. So Hollywood wanted to cast her for a romantic movie. She initially was very excited for Shakespeare in Love but backed out, when Daniel Day-Lewis backed out and withdrew from the movie. She could not imagine herself playing alongside another Shakespeare. The producers then had to find another Viola and they found in Gwyneth Paltrow.

Hugh Jackman Let James Bond Get Away

The makers of Casino Royale initially thought of Hugh Jackman for the main role in Casino Royale. We would all have loved to see Wolverine dressed up all in suits but he turned down the role thinking that the character was too far-fetched.

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