Find Out Which Character Will DIE In LOGAN

The first trailer for Logan has finally arrived and what a bag of treats it is for fans! Hugh Jackman and James Mangold had both talked about how different in tone the third Wolverine movie will be, and they were not lying. Between the sad background music provided by the “Man in Black” Johnny Cash, the upcoming movie was executed more like a drama more than a superhero/action movie. And if your heartstrings were not tugged at any point of the trailer, then you should be declared hard-hearted.

The trailer also featured an interesting aspect that has not been mentioned before. Who will die in Logan? The hero at one point is seen standing near a graveyard, chugging back a brew for someone. The question is, who? Here are a few suspects:

Professor Charles Xavier


Charles Xavier looked deteriorated in the new trailer. He is seen bed-ridden at one point, looking worst for wear in an abandoned room. Xavier also suffers a psychic seizure that he has little control over. And add to the fact that the X-Men have become history, the heartbroken Professor may have little or nothing left to live for.



Caliban is seen at the beginning of the trailer, obviously helping Logan to take care of Professor X, but he disappears mid trailer. Did Xavier kill him with one of his uncontrolled psychic seizure? Was it the editing or did it for tell the fate of the mutant who is so mysterious, we barely see his face.

A Member Of The X-Men

x-men-apocalypse-characters logan

The X-Men were an important part of Logan’s life. On screen, he developed a brotherly/fatherly relationship with Rogue and a romantic one with Jean Grey. As the movie entails the end of the X-Men, who is Logan drinking to in the graveyard? Having lived almost 200 years, Logan has seen his share of deaths, so whose death has made him so worn out and withdrawn in LOGAN? which has X-men member lived as long to have caused such a change?

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