Deleted Scene From The Batman Suggests Joker & Riddler Won’t Be Teaming Up

The Batman was a wholly original take on the character and the world around him compared to what we had seen before. This movie featured a lot of elements that fans of the character might have enjoyed in the comics and didn’t get a chance to witness before. A variety of characters appeared in the movie, making it a lot more interesting than we might have considered it to be before. The movie actually has an essential role to play when it comes to working on the individual characters. The Batman deleted scene indicated that we could have seen a lot more of Joker than we got in the post-credits scene. The deleted scene from The Batman is a clear indication that we might not get to see Joker team up with the Riddler.

The Batman

It was quite interesting to see how an inexperienced Batman managed to handle the chaos in Gotham. With a variety of villains making their appearance, it almost felt impossible for Batman to solve through these circumstances. This version of the Dark Knight was more focused on the Detective elements of Batman compared to his other aspects. The Riddler proved to be a rather challenging villain considering he always managed to be one step ahead of Batman, thus proving his failure to manage the chaos in Gotham. This also proved to be an interesting challenge for Batman even though he had experienced some villains before.

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The ending scene for the movie showed another major villain making an appearance. There was a sudden change in the tone of the movie as we heard someone laughing in the cell next to the Riddler. This was a clear indication that it was none other than the clown prince of Gotham Joker himself. Joker engages the Riddler in a conversation and they talk about a possible friendship between the two. Fans instantly assumed that this meant that the two might work together in the future of the franchise. But there is a chance that this could have meant something else entirely in terms of the two villains.

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The Batman Deleted Scene

The deleted scene from the movie sees Batman visiting the Joker to get some help in the case of the Riddler. Joker doesn’t really help the Dark Knight but rather ends up giving us some details regarding the past of Joker and Batman. This was quite apparent when the Joker says that there is an interesting parallel between Batman and the Riddler. Further, he even adds that Batman might be feeling that the Riddler is actually right in the way he was dealing with things. Added to that were the references to the history Joker and Batman have shared.

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Throughout the scene, Joker continues to state that there are certain ill feelings that he has for Batman but in his own manner. The scars and marks that Joker has on his face and arms might be something that was a result of the past altercation that the two shared. This makes us wonder about the way in which the two villains, the Riddler and Joker have quite a different relationship with Batman. While the Riddler uses Batman as an inspiration for his acts against the injustice in Gotham whereas Joker has never been that way in comparison. Joker will definitely not be sharing a similar feeling to the Riddler when it comes to their criminal intentions.

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Deleted scene from The Batman

This could become an essential reason why Joker would never end up teaming up with the Riddler. Even if he does end up doing that, we can be certain that Joker will use this as a means for his own benefit. Based on both of their appearances in the movie and the deleted scene, we have become well aware that Joker is actually one step ahead of Batman in most cases. His chaotic persona won’t really allow for Batman to be someone to be drawn inspiration from. Even though no sequels for the movie have been confirmed yet, if the villains end up working together, it will be something interesting to see for the dynamics.

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Fans are still confused about the deleted scene from The Batman to know whether Joker and the Riddler will be teaming up or not. Let us know down below what you think about the deleted scene?

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