Captain America: Civil War – Wanda Committed Another Crime Against Humanity!

Scarlet Witch is a late addition to the roster of heroes in the Avengers. The character has been able to establish itself quite properly with the larger narrative of the franchise. Last year we got to see a whole new dimension of the character in the Disney+ series WandaVision. With the massive loss that she faced over the years, it was about time that she had her own narrative explored. This year we will get to see her appear next to Doctor Strange as the latter would require her help in dealing with the multiversal chaos. Due to this very appearance, fans are actually exploring every single element of the character that we had witnessed in the past films of the franchise. A theory from Captain America: Civil War hints that Wanda committed another crime before wreaking havoc in Westview years later.

Scarlet Witch

Wanda was first introduced to us in the post-credits scene for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She appeared along with her brother Pietro and they were under observation at a Hydra base. They will have a much proper introduction later in Avengers: Age of Ultron, where they will initially go against the heroes. But upon realizing the circumstances they will take the sides of the Avengers. It is here that she has one of her major losses as her brother dies and we get a hint of the levels to which her powers can go. Later on, she will somehow manage to gain control over her powers with the help of Vision in the events of the Civil War.


But that wasn’t all as she would face another major loss with Vision. Over the course of the movies, we will see that she gets closer to Vision and they decide to settle together. But before they could move ahead with these plans Thanos arrives on Earth with his army. In his plans to gather the Infinity Stones, the Mad Titan ends up killing Vision to acquire the Mind Stone. This leaves a massive impact on her and the wrath of this is something that we got to witness in the Disney+ series WandaVision. Here she would use her powers to create an alternate reality where she will use the people of Westview as characters. But this might not actually be the first time she committed a crime.


Wanda Committed Another Crime During Civil War

The events of the Civil War saw a major divide in the Avengers as Iron Man and Captain America go against each other. We saw Wanda taking sides with Captain America in the conflict over the Sokovia Accords. This made sense considering the Accords would have put control over the activities of the heroes and reduced them to puppets of the government. Scarlet Witch was herself one of the reasons due to which the Accords were being put. She had accidentally killed people in Lagos, Nigeria while she was trying to prevent an explosion. Captain America, Falcon, and Hawkeye were amongst the heroes who were against the accords.


During a particular scene, when the heroes were talking about the accords, another issue is given a hint at. Stark was discussing the Accords and while talking about it he sneaks in another interesting complaint. He mentions, “Am I running a bed and breakfast for a biker gang?” while discovering someone put coffee grounds in the garbage disposal. According to a Reddit thread, this culprit could be none other than Wanda Maximoff. It makes sense because Wanda is actually the only one amongst them who might not be accustomed to the garbage disposal.


Wanda Committed Another Crime

This actually makes sense considering several European countries actually ban garbage disposals. On a funny note, she might even do it for the sake of not caring what Stark thinks about this act. Vision is another possible candidate who might have done this because he isn’t aware of the exact procedure. But an interesting note is the “biker gang” term and it could be linked to Black Widow or Captain America.

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