An Expensive Loki and Sylvie Deleted Scene Involving a Space Bike Revealed

The MCU Disney+ shows are allotted extensive budgets that are almost at par with the films. $150 million is a common standard. But these shows have to churn out around 5-6 hours worth of content instead of a 2-3 hour long movie. So, a lot of planning goes into what can be shot, and what has to be left out. Many shows have dropped scenes due to budgetary cuts. And Loki isn’t an exception. After the release of the finale, the creators revealed many deleted scenes and ideas that didn’t make the final cut. And now we’ve got another Loki and Sylvie deleted scene which was left out due to the budget.

Marvel Studios have always been very good at filtering out the scenes that people really enjoy and cutting the unnecessary ones. A concept artist revealed that a special cameo appearance from Rocket Raccoon was in the works. But the Marvel executives dropped the idea. The writers suggested another idea that included an alternative interrogation tactic by the TVA. It involved making Loki believe that he won the New York battle, only for the TVA to pull him out of this ruse just to demonstrate just how powerful they are. Unfortunately, this idea was dropped too.

The creators suggested and dropped several ideas before settling on the ones we saw. Still, some dropped ideas were really good to end up as unused. Like, Sylvie going on a rampage in the TVA or Sylvie kicking laser-mounted armadillo. Recently, a graphic artist revealed some concept art designs of an alien bike. This amazing sci-fi bike was supposed to be used in the third episode on Lamentis.


Loki and Sylvie deleted scene

Shane Baxley, the concept artist, specializes in these crazy sci-fi concept automobiles and designed this extra-terrestrial motorbike. He posted these graphic arts online on his Instagram handle.

According to him, these were designed for the third episode, ‘Lamentis‘ but wasn’t included in the final cut due to budgetary restraints.

“I designed so many bikes for the Loki series.” According to him, the “vehicles are nearly always the first thing to be cut when a project is trying to trim the budget as they’re so expensive.” This piece shows Sophie Di Martino’s Sylvie sporting a modernistic look on the automobile. Notice how her horns look completely different from what they were in the actual series.

Loki and Sylvie deleted scene

He commented on the post, “The final police jet bike design I created for the Loki series in 2019!” As to quote Baxley, Sylvie and Loki were to steal this bike and “ride through Sheroo.”

Baxley stated that Lamentis had other advanced vehicles too. The other vehicles to be seen on the collapsing planet were a series of “mining vehicles that the pirates stole and retrofitted” into “little speeders.” The primary body can be seen hovering a few meters above the ground while the main mining body remained on the ground. The secondary mining part has huge wheels so as to travel through the rocky terrains of Lamentis.

According to the concept arts, the mining vehicles had three versions where two of them looked a little basic and the third one seemed kind of unique. However, the way these vehicles were to move is still unknown

The head writer Michael Waldron revealed that initially, there were bandits who were going to attack the train. However, it may be possible that the people on these automobiles may be those bandits.


Waldron revealed the original idea where the train was supposed to be raided by some bandits. It makes sense considering that the train was meant for the wealthy members of the planet. However, it was dropped too after due to budgetary reasons. Instead, they just had Sylvie and Loki caught who then ended up outside the train. They had to walk up all the way to the escape vessel in order to save themselves. However, this change didn’t make much difference in the variants’ journey through the city dashing through every nook and corner in order to escape on the Ark.

What do you think of these budgetary cuts? Do you want to see more of these cool vehicle designs in season 2? Do let us know in the comments.

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