Marvel TV to Shut Down as All Shows Get Absorbed by Marvel Studios

Marvel TV to Shut Down:

Ever since the release of endgame, there has been a lot of speculation about the fate of some of the major and supporting characters in the Marvel cinematic universe. But with the advent of Disney streaming service, it became abundantly clear that marvel had plans of further expansion of the cinematic universe by linking the movies with the upcoming shows. This was a welcome change of pace that fans all over the globe appreciated since such a large group of the fandom has been asking for a little connectivity between mediums. However, the said connectivity was only to be prospective. This became even clearer last October when Marvel made the announcement that Jeph Loeb will be leaving marvel TV. A lot of fans were disheartened by this decision as Loeb has done some great work over the past decade. But we know that the exit of Loeb that was announced was just first of many disasters yet to come

Marvel TV

You see sources say that Marvel is planning to lay off a chunk of its workforce under the umbrella of Marvel TV because they plan to shut the tv segment down in favor of controlling everything from Marvel studios. This means that the ever-expanding portfolio of Kevin Feige just got a lot bigger. The news comes after the cancellation of the bulk of tv projects by Marvel TV including but not limited to cloak & dagger. Anyone worried about the last season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the runaways season 3 can rest assured that shows already in production will be made but their future/ renewal is a contentious issue.

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It seems that the crowing of Feige as the Chief Creative Officer at marvel has led to a shift in power and perspective that permeates through the entire media enterprises. Not only are Tv shows being wound up left and right (loose ends being tied up) but the new ones that are being produced are being linked to the Marvel cinematic universe like never before. It’s a brave new era for the Marvel cinematic universe and along with it comes a change of pace and a shift in the ideology of making shows that are more in line with the main movie universe and similar kind of grandeur storytelling rather than the gritty tone of the Netflix shows

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Sources say that executives impacted by Marvel’s decision include Cort Lane, Marsha Griffin, Mark Ambrose, Tom Lieber, and Aimee Carlson. Marvel TV’s Senior Vice President Current Programming and Production Karim Zreik will be retained by the company along with the members of his team in order to ensure a smooth transition. It is also said that Jeph Loeb will stay in the loop until the transition from Marv TV to Marvel Studios is complete. But after the initial transfer (which is expected to take a substantial amount of time) Jeph Loeb is speculated to take his leave from Marvel handed over the reins to Kevin Feige.

Marvel TV to Shut Down

The ideal situation would be the retention of all our shows however this will not be the case. Some of the animated shows have already been canceled and others are fated for the gallows soon enough after the final seasons are produced and released. It does not matter what the fans think anymore a lot of the staff and projects of Marvel TV are headed for the chopping block along with Jeph Loeb. The transition will be hard but here’s to the hope that this will result in better content for the fandom, in and out of the Marvel cinematic universe since this move may result in the substantial workforce being dissipated into the industrial market. The workforce that has created one of the most successful franchises of the modern era.

Marvel TV to Shut Down

What are your opinions on the actions of Marvel and Disney executives? Is it a move to streamline the production process or is it something that will lead to the demise of Disney/ Marvel TV shows, only you, the fans, can decide. Be sure to leave a comment down below telling us how you feel about this and how do you think this will affect all our beloved small screen vigilantes/heroes and keep watching this space for everything marvel.

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