The Flash: 5 Insane Comic-Book Events That Should Take Place On The TV Show

The Flash has been truly dedicated to delving deep into the comic lore and come up with some adventures for Barry and company in three seasons. They have, however, decades worth of storylines to explore. Here are the five events that we think needs to be in the TV show:

Wally West Becomes The Flash

The Flash: 5 Things From The Comics That Need To Be In The TV Show

In the comics, Wally west took on the moniker of The Flash during Barry Allen’s long absence. He was also the version of The Flash that was a part of the Justice League team in the animated show of the same name. The CW’s The Flash did feature Wally as the titular hero in the Flashpoint, but it would be awesome to see another character take on the moniker for at least one whole season.

The Death Of Barry Allen

In the comic book Crisis, Barry Allen died trying to destroy the villain the Anti-Monitor’s weapons. The villain was a cosmically powerful being hell bent on destroying the multiverse. Barry was not the only one who dies, Supergirl was also killed by Anti-Monitor. Will TV’s Barry Allen suffer the same fate as the comic book’s? That is still a ball up in the air.

Barry And Iris Finally Marry

This concept has been teased to fans from the beginning of the show. It was taken a step further when Barry sees a newspaper article written by Iris West-Allen. Like Oliver and Laurel, it will inevitably happen sooner than later. Unlike  Arrow, the writers of The Flash seem to be taking their time, teasing fans with a “will they, won’t they?” story arc.

More Members Of The Flash Family

Although the TV series has featured some of the exciting characters from the Flash family, it would be awesome to see more be featured in future episodes and seasons. Characters like Wally West’s children-Jai and Iris west, the alternative Kid Flash, Walter West and Barry Allen’s grandson Bart Allen. Since the series is already inept with the time travel and multiverse of DC, storylines would definitely get more interesting as we see how Barry changes with every encounter.

30th Century

The 30th Century has already been explored by Supergirl when she worked with the Legion of Super-Heroes. This particular future has also been explored in many DC comic story arcs. Barry and Iris actually planted their roots in the 30th century after He was disfigured in a fight. The future technology was the only thing that was able to heal him. They had to return to their own timeline when things started to unravel(time travel problems).

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