Can we trust anyone on Quantico?

Seems like we can’t.

AGENT Asher? Excuse me, FBI. How many people do you have working for you? Ryan Booth with Liam and Simon Asher with Clayton? That’s a lot of undercover chicanery right there. Do we trust Asher? Is he the bomber and FBI’s secret tool? Seems highly unlikely.

“Nobody’s ever just one thing.”

And Simon Asher is leaving no stone unturned to prove that to us. The episode oscillated from whether Asher’s innocent or guilty. We know that he was involved with bombs in Quantico (and possibly in Gaza). We all know that Parrish’s instincts are spot on, so should we trust Simon too? We can’t. Yet.

What is Lucifer doing on the show? Okay, he might not be Lucifer here, but Mark Pellegrino is not a good man. Deputy Director Clayton (Pellegrino) has a lot of answering to do. Why work with Simon undercover? Does this mean that the “directive” to frame Agent Parrish comes from the top guns?

What is interesting is that Liam does not know about Simon’s involvement, which means he isn’t 100% guilty. But he does take advantage of Parrish’s daddy issues. Now that we know he was a hero, how long can they play that angle? Bringing in her mother for that statement was obviously to add emotion to the show and not to further the plot. But it does serve one purpose: revealing the relationship between Liam O’Connor and Michael Parrish. They seem like partners who wandered off the path (is that why Michael got into drinking?).

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Natalie totally has it in for Parrish (and Nimah). Is it because of her feelings for Booth? Or because she has sacrificed a lot for that badge and she will do anything to survive.

Miranda Shaw’s character just became a whole new level of girl-power. She warns Sita to not make the same mistakes that she had with her own son. And when we are introduced to her son—damn. His not-so-subtle threat ought to make Shaw sleep with a gun below her pillow, and maybe she does. Is that why she believes in Alex? Does she see her son in Alex?

The flashbacks are getting really predictable and tedious. Where are they taking the terrorist issue? Because, three episodes in, it all feels like a big, complex, tortuous plot to frame Alex Parrish. Hopefully, the final showdown will tie every loose end together (subtly) otherwise the entire show will fall apart.

A plus point of “Cover” was that they stopped introducing plot twists at an alarming rate and focused, instead, on the characters. Shelby and Alex’s relationship is a joy to watch. What confuses me is where they are going with Shelby and Caleb. If they’re trying to introduce a romantic angle (which I hope they aren’t), it isn’t working. Maybe not plot-wise, but character development-wise, Quantico’s third episode did surpass its previous ones.

Anwesha Bhattacharya

The world is a mixture of fantasy, fiction, colours, music, and a little bit of reality for Anwesha Bhattacharya. An avid screen junkie, she is currently pursuing Economics from Lady Shri Ram ​College for Women. Struck by wanderlust, she dreams of backpacking through Europe someday. Cynical, ambivert, eccentric, eclectic and esoteric: she is everything and a bit more.
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