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Eternals: Superman Exists In The MCU According To The New Marvel Film

Eternals is one of the most interesting additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie will have an essential effect on the cinematic universe. We will get to see some rather interesting turn of events as we venture ahead in the movies and explore the characters we have been given so far. The movie will be based on one of the most interesting narratives from the Marvel comics that have not gotten any live-action interpretation yet. There has been a lot of comic book interpretations at works in recent days with most of them belonging to either Marvel or DC. It seems that the movie will introduce a lot of interesting characters into the MCU. But a recent detail from the movie reveals that another interesting character from DC has been a part of the MCU. It seems that a new featurette from the film has revealed that Superman exists in the MCU.


The next big step for MCU is coming out very soon and it seems that the promos for the movie are at their peak. We recently got to see a clip from the film that might be one of the most meta moments that we have gotten from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie will feature characters with some powers that we might have not witnessed before in the franchise. This is the basis of reference that was made in one of the clips from the film. It could clearly be one of the humorous nods Marvel is known for making all the time.


The Footage


The footage from the film confirms the presence of DC’s Superman in the MCU. Now that the movie has had its premiere we can be sure that the particular moment from the movie might actually be more than just some meta moment. The scene shows Phastos’ son Jack confusing Richard Madden’s Ikaris for Superman. He says to his father, “Dad, that’s Superman with the cape and he was shooting laser beams out of your eyes.”

Ikaris denies this by saying, “I don’t wear a cape.”


Superman exists in the MCU

This reference is definitely to the superhero from DC Universe. But this does confirm the existence of DCU in the MCU. This could in no way be used as means of a reference to the possible crossover between the two franchises. Or maybe DC characters are all fictional in this Universe of MCU. If Superman exists, then it would be safe to assume that others like Batman might exist too!


Let’s wait and see if we’ll get any other references to DC characters in the coming MCU movie.

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