10 Insane Things That Happened In Game of Thrones S07 E06

Game of Thrones has been full of surprises this season and the 6th episode of season 7, ‘Beyond The Wall’ was full of them. It was probably the best episode of this season  Game of Thrones and surely the most satisfying as well as sorrowful at the same time. There were many elements in the episode which we loved a lot. Here are 10 insane things that happened in “Death is the Enemy”.

Jon Snow Loves Dany

Well until now in Game of Thrones, we have only seen hints about the chemistry between Jon and Daenerys. We have seen them staring at each other while the other one is not looking and so have the people around them. Ser Davos gave us a hint but now it has been confirmed as Tyrion reveals that Jon is in love with him. Jon himself did not say it but Tyrion tells Dany that Jon keeps staring at her and has probably fallen for her. And at the Jon and Dany, both hold hands and feel it themselves.

Dany Seems to love Jon Back 

While Tyrion told Daenerys that Jon is in love with him, she calls him too short for her and then tries to change the subject and Tyrion catches her red handed. And at the end when all the mayhem, Dany almost reveals it to Jon as she had witnessed the heroics of Jon with her own eyes now. This means that the fans will soon get what they wanted, an alliance through marriage.

Arya confronts Sansa

Arya, the little bad-ass confronts Sansa about the note she found in Little-Finger’s chambers. She almost makes Sansa confess that she does not like the fact that Jon is the King in the North as she thinks that the Battle for Winterfell was won because of her, as the Knights of the Vale came because of her.

Sansa finds out about Arya’s secret

While looking into Arya’s chambers, Sansa finds Arya’s many faces and Arya then herself confesses that she learned how to be someone else while training in Bravos to become a man with no face. Sansa now has a hint of what Arya has done and what she can do if someone tries to mess with her.

Thoros of Myr dies

When the Suicide Squad of Westeros went past the wall to hunt and bring back a live Wight Walker in order to present it to everyone so that they are aware that the threat is real, we all knew that at least one of these valiant soldiers would die and it was only obvious that Thoros would be the one to die, as his importance to the show is much less than others leading the raid. And that is what happened, he saved the Hound from a dead bear and got severely injured, and ultimately after fighting death for quite a while, he died.

Dany Saves The Day


Just when all hope was lost and Jon and the rest of the team thought they were gonna die, even though they had tried to send a raven to Daenerys about their situation through Gendry, Dany comes in flying on her Dragon blazzing fire on the white walkers and is able to save almost everyone.  

Viserion Dies

Daenerys had named her two dragons Viserion and Rhaegal after her two dead brothers Viserys and Rhaegar Targaryen. She along with all three of her dragon comes into save Jon and others while they were stuck fighting against the walkers. She managed to save them all but in the attempt of that, her Dragon Viserion was killed by the magic Ice-staff thrown by the Night King.

Uncle Benjen Returns

The Battle against the Walkers had left Jon and his team severely out-numbered as they were under attack by the whole army of White Walkers. While everyone else who was alive managed to flee the area riding on Drogon with Daenerys, Jon was left there as he fell in ice-cold water. Somehow, he was able to survive that but he was left alone to fight the entire army, and then comes in Uncle Benjen to save the day as he gives his horse to Jon in order to save his life, and sacrifices himself.

Jon bends the knee

Game of Thrones

After Jon escapes the walkers, he is left to rest. when he finally wakes up, he finds Daenerys in front of him and feels sorry for Viserion’s death. He then accepts Dany as his queen and figuratively bends the knee. Dany in return promises to fight the Wight walkers along with him.

The Walkers have their own Dragon

At the end of the episode of Game of Thrones, we see all the walkers pulling out the dead Dragon from the ice-cold water in which it had drowned. As the Dragon comes above the surface, The Night King walks towards it and uses his magical powers. The next thing we see was the Dead dragon coming back to life as it opened its eye and it was all blue.

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