Moon Knight: Why Did Arthur Harrow Put Glass in His Shoes?

Disney+’s Moon Knight premiered on the platform earlier this week, and it was every bit as good as fans expected. The first episode opened up with Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow going about his morning routine. Everything seemed normal until we saw him breaking the water glass into tiny shreds and putting them in his sandals. Since the show neither mentioned the glass nor showed Arthur in pain again in the episode, fans seemed to have missed the deeper reason for the shreds. So, why did Arthur Harrow put glass in his shoes? Let’s find out!!!

The first episode of Disney+’s Moon Knight is finally out after making us wait for 3 months. The episode gave us an insight into the inner turmoil that resides inside Steven’s mind. And also gave us a first look at Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow and needless to say, he nailed the assignment. He successfully portrayed the darkness and complexity of the character. He was so perfect and subtle that we think you may not have realized some of his actions, namely the part where he puts glass shreds in his shoes. But worry not, because we are here to explain just how significant that was to understand his character.


In the comics, Arthur Harrow was a scientist who carried out experiments on the Pain Theory. This was because he was living in constant, agonizing pain. After all, the left side of his body was paralyzed, pulling the left part of his mouth in a permanent snarl. But the MCU changed everything about the character, except for his tendency to live in pain. But this is so much more than that! MCU’s Arthur is not a simpleton but a cunning man with a plan.



Why Did Arthur Harrow Put Glass in His Shoes

Judging by some of the scenes featuring Harrow, it is clear that he is a devotee of the old Egyptian God, Ammit. According to Egyptian mythology, Ammit was a patron of death and execution. And that is the reason we see Harrow use her powers to execute the bad(or to-be bad) people of the village. But at the same time, he punishes himself by giving himself constant pain, using those glass shreds. And this solidifies our theory of his dark past. And in case you were wondering, Ammit doesn’t kill Arthur because he is her connection to the Land of the Living.


This is very similar to the movie, The Da Vinci Code, where Paul Bettany’s character used to flagellate himself as his commitment to Opus Dei. Only in this case, it is more about religion than a simple commitment. However, Ammit is not a God who is worshipped by common people, because she is a patron of death. And Arthur’s loyalty towards her shows that he is a twisted man who thinks Ammit needs to be worshipped. And to show her that he is her trusted devotee, he punishes himself every day. Bringing such complex characters into the mix is the reason why everyone thinks that Moon Knight will be the best MCU show.


Why Did Arthur Harrow Put Glass in His Shoes

We don’t know the reason for Arthur punishing himself, at least, not yet. It might be because of his past but it might be one of his future mistakes. We have already witnessed that Ammit is a God who can punish a being for crimes that he hasn’t even committed yet. What do you think the natures of his crimes were? Or are? do let us know in the comment section below.


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