10 Best Duel Fights Ever Seen In The MCU Movies

MCU movies have touched the audience with arresting plot, depth, emotions, and comedy apart from the compelling fights. When we talk about MCU superheroes, a lot of meaningful topics are brought to the table. But in the end, it’s the nasty fights with amazing special effects that draw us back to this superhero world. If we only wanted drama, suspense, and laughter, we could have settled for Toy Story. But nothing delivers a good story with an epic battle scene like Marvel Studios. Even the one-on-one fights in this universe are bang on. While the main plot focuses on the team of heroes stopping the bad guys from achieving their goals, the directors spice things up with duals. These duals reflect the real strength of one character against that of the other. Debating over who would win in a battle between two superheroes or a hero and a villain is a favorite subject of fans. We have listed down the 10 best duel fights ever seen in the MCU movies.

 1. Black Widow vs Hawkeye

Avengers: Endgame Theory Nebula Gamora

Black Widow and Hawkeye are best friends with a past that MCU hasn’t explored yet. Regardless of their unknown history, the two love and care deeply about each other. But their friendship was put to test when one of them had to sacrifice their loved one on Vormir to get the Soul Stone. Unlike other fights on this list, this epic battle had a different purpose.

Each of them was prepared to sacrifice themselves so the other could survive and take the Soul Stone. These two friends got caught in a nasty fight to stop the other from jumping off the cliff. We were holding our breaths until the last moment because no one could tell who’d win. Hawkeye had almost won the fight when he was stopped by Natasha in the last moment who made the final jump.

 2. Hulkbuster Vs Hulk

Thor: Ragnarok Theory Hulk Sakaar Duel Fights In MCU

One of the most-watched videos of the MCU includes Hulk V Hulkbuster. Tony Stark had designed the Hulkbuster suit with the sole purpose of controlling Hulk in case he ever lost it. It led to a fight never seen before as the giant beast and giant armor were pushing each other straight down the skyscraper. The best part was when Tony takes Hulk for granted and goes on giving him multiple punches for a few minutes only to be smashed down a while later.

 3. Thor Vs Hulk

Duel Fights In MCU

The scene before Thor’s gladiator fight was quite tensed up until we finally saw his opponent. No one was expecting to see a known face on the unknown planet. Thor was the happiest to see his “friend from work” but it didn’t last long as he faced Hulk’s wrath. Hulk repeated his signature move and he tossed Thor by his legs in a cartoonish way. That was also the first time Thor realized his true potential and gathered thunder to throw a powerful punch at Hulk and send him flying.

 4. Gamora Vs Nebula

Every pair of siblings fight but ain’t no one fights like the Mad Titan’s kids. Thanos’ adopted daughter Gamora and Nebula have fought for ages to declare oneself better than the other. But every time they got the chance to finish the other, they kept aside their pride and relented. The best one-on-one between them was in Guardians of the Galaxy- Vol II when they fought like Tom and Jerry on Ego.

Duel Fights In MCU
Duel Fights In MCU

They literally picked things that were ten times heavier than them and threw them at each other. Nebula even tries to pilot a spaceship right through Gamora. But when the ship catches fire, Gamora gives in to her heart and rescues her sister. But instead of showing gratitude, Nebula shoots back at Gamora and manages to defeat her. Despite getting the chance to kill her sister, Nebula takes a step back and only relishes in her victory.

 5. Captain America Vs Thanos

This was the moment millions of fans and countless theories were expecting for years. As Thanos is about to kill Thor, Captain America steals the spotlight and picks up the Mjolnir. It was followed by a huge cheer and a visually delightful fight scene. Watching the Cap with his shield, Mjolnir and lightning almost gave us goosebumps. But it didn’t last long as the powerful Titan retrieved his sword, split the unbreakable shield, and tossed Captain America aside.

 6. Black Panther Vs Killmonger

The combat between T’Challa and Eric Killmonger was realistic but super thrilling. While T’Challa carried a shield and a dagger, Eric used only weapons, indicating that he attacks but not defend. T’Challa let many moments cloud his mind with emotions but Killmonger fought with a cold, analytical, and clear head. This became T’Challa’s weakness and Eric’s strength who managed to throw the king of Wakanda to his apparent death.

 7. Iron Man Vs Thanos

Avengers: Endgame Thanos

Iron Man was the only one who could make the super-powered Eternal bleed. He threw a lot of punches and converted his nano suit into a sword to deter Thanos who was already carrying Power Stone. Even though his attempts were commendable, it couldn’t defeat the Mad Titan.

 8. Captain America Vs The Winter Soldier

Captain America Rightfully MCU’s Strongest Avenger

Captain America had to fight the one person he never imagined he would, his best friend, Bucky Barnes. Before Winter Soldier’s identity was revealed, the two men clashed like a real dual match. It started with the gifted metal shield and the gifted metal arm trying to break through each other. This fight marked two important moments- Bucky lifting Steve’s Shield and throwing it off with full power and Steve unmasking his rival to find his best friend underneath.

 9. Doctor Strange Vs Thanos

Duel Fights In MCU
Duel Fights In MCU

This fight was worth watching for its unique nature. It didn’t test their strength or ballistics but the mystical powers of the Sorcerer Supreme and the Mad Titan. Doctor Strange created multiple versions of himself with the astral projection that tried to tie up Thanos in Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Thanos manages to break free by using the Soul Stone to identify the real Doctor Strange knocking him off with the Power Stone.

 10. Hulk Vs Abomination

Facts About Abomination

A one-on-one between two giant beasts like Hulk and Abomination is bound to inflict more damage on others. Not only did they destroy buildings and properties, but also brought down the chopper carrying Betty and Thunderbolt Ross. And when Abomination managed to chain down Hulk, he awoke the demon in the beast who smashed the ground and knocked off Abomination.

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