10 Times Hulk Caused Destruction Way More Than In Movies

We haven’t seen even one percent of Hulk’s true nature on the big screen. For all we know, his real identity is Bruce Banner, a scientist who got exposed to gamma rays and transformed into a green giant. The Hulk on the screen is an emotional big guy with a child inside him. MCU tries its best to make Hulk likable and keep him in a good light. That’s why the movie version always comes with comedy and light moments. But the Marvel Comics couldn’t care any lesser about Hulk’s report card. He is a wild and angry creature who has no control and no shackles to confine his actions.

The way he goes on a rampage and causes havoc can easily scar the kids. No wonder why the movies restrain themselves from showing that. Seriously, Hulk is way stronger and intimidating than ow he is projected in films. In fact, he was not defeated by Thanos so easily in the comic books. But this article will show you the real side of the wild beast that the movie can’t even imagine. Find out the 10 times Hulk caused destruction way more than in movies.

 1. Thunderclap

Hulk Caused Destruction
Hulk Caused Destruction

Hulk’s fighting skills are not just limited to fists and punches. In The Incredible Hulk, we saw how Edward Norton’s Hulk used Thunderclap to put out helicopter fire. But movies have mostly shown you the heroic Hulk. In the comic books, Hulk’s thunderclap against the supervillain Diablo had caused a hurricane that headed straight towards South America.

 2. When He Punched Abomination

You will forget about Hulk’s punch to Thanos or the Chitauri in Avengers: Infinity War and The Avengers, respectively. In the comic books, he smashed Abomination so hard that he ended up making a basin on the surface of the Earth.

 3. Shattered An Asteroid

Dinosaurs went extinct after an asteroid crashed on Earth. But the Hulk destroyed an asteroid simply by landing on it. Instead of jumping over buildings and towers and destroying them, Hulk pushed right through an asteroid in space and smashed it completely. The movie iteration of Hulk is no match for the comic book version in terms of strength.

 4. Throw Jets Like Darts

Who would win in a weightlifting competition between Hulk and Superman? While Superman uses both his hands to lift or stop a flying plane, Hulk simply picks the puny planes with 2 fingers and throws them like darts. Planes are probably equivalent to annoying mosquitoes for Hulk. He just looks at them and “flap”. Once he picked up a jet literally from thin air and threw it over a building.

 5. Caused Deadpool’s Head To Explode

Hulk Caused Destruction
Hulk Caused Destruction

Once Bruce turns into Hulk, even his friends aren’t spared sometimes. But Hulk’s fight with Iron Man and Thor, his friends of work, is nothing as compared to that with Deadpool. He knocked Deadpool’s head out of his body so brutally that it exploded like a water balloon, splattering blood everywhere.

 6. Sending You To The Moon

Yes! The Hulk doesn’t need Doctor Strange’s portal or Heimdall’s Bifrost to send someone into outer space. During a fight with a dragon-resembling alien named Fin Fang Foom from Doctor Strange’s world, Hulk punches it so hard that it is literally thrown from Earth to Moon.

 7. How To Control Hulk 101

So many military troops and organizations have attempted to attack or defeat Hulk with explosives and other ballistics. But none of them ever succeeded in the films. They should definitely learn from the comic books where at least a nuclear bomb left a tiny impact on him. That moment stated how strong Hulk was because even the powerful nukes merely weakened him for a few minutes.

 8. Using Tanks To Shoot Planes

What happens when you bring a tank to fight the Hulk? He will naturally smash them with his fist. But once Hulk threw his fists into the ground so hard that it caused the tanks to flip.  As a result, the tanks that were aiming at the beast ended up shooting the commercial planes above.

 9. Hulk V Hulkbuster

Hulk’s battle with Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster suit in Avengers: Age of Ultron is one of the most-watched videos. That fight had gone pretty well, just like we had expected. Both the parties were strong and formidable and the not-so-puny Hulkbuster stood quite at par with the green beast. But their fight on the pages didn’t end well for Tony Stark. Not only did Hulk defeat him and his suit brutally, but also smashed down the iconic Stark Tower.

 10. Hulk Jumps Out Of Plane

Hulk Caused Destruction
Hulk Caused Destruction

Hulk really wears emotions on his sleeves. Once, Bruce Banner was on a plane when someone made him nervous and forced him to jump out like the Hulk. While it was merely a jump for the Hulk, but for the plane, it was an explosion.

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