Hidden Details In Deadpool 2 That You May Have Missed

Hidden Details In Deadpool 2:

It is essential for comic book movies to add subtle nods to the source material. Marvel anti-hero Deadpool became an instant hit ever since Ryan Reynolds brought the character on the big screen. Though Deadpool was a product of Fox, its play with the small yet interesting elements was at par with the MCU. It hid the references and Easter eggs so well that even a diehard fan had to watch the film more than once in slow-motion. Deadpool and its sequel was brilliantly directed and marketed. It was true to the origin and Ryan’s Deadpool was exactly what the fans asked for. Now let us dive into the hidden details in Deadpool 2 that you may have missed.

 1. Matt Damon As Redneck

Deadpool 2 had some exciting cameos like director David Leitch (mentioned later) and Brad Pitt as one of the X-Force team members, Vanisher. Another insane cameo that you missed or didn’t recognize at all was Matt Damon. Yes, all the big names like Brad Pitt and Damon appeared but were lost in a blink. Matt played one of the Rednecks under heavy makeup who were discussing toilet paper.

 2. Director’s Cameo

Apart from giving himself an insane credit, director David Leitch made a cameo in Deadpool 2.  He plays one of the prisoners that Cable tosses off the truck to impede Deadpool.

 3. The Nametags

This was a brilliant detail from the X-Men movies hidden in Deadpool. In the deleted scene of ‘Inside the X-Mansion’, one of the nametags of X-Men on the slab read “wheels”. It was a throwback to the first X-Men, where Wolverine calls Professor X as Wheels.

 4. Deadpool Reading ‘The Canadian Mounted’

It is one of the most bizarre and hilarious details in the movie. Deadpool, as we know, breaks the conventional universe of superheroes by interacting with the audience through the camera. But in the movie, Wade is reading a fictitious book that John Candy read in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. What’s crazier is that he reads it exactly in Candy’s style. Furthermore, Candy, Wade Wilson, and Ryan Reynolds are Canadian.

 5. Wolverine In The Map Drawing

Deadpool is always leaving subtle clues for the Sherlock brained audience to pick up. In his map drawing, there is someone tagged as prisoner- 24601. That prisoner id refers to Hugh Jackman’s character in Les Miserables.

 6. The Timepiece In David Leitch Movies

One of the time-traveling devices used by Cable is a Carl F. Bucherer. David has promoted the same brand of watches in his other movies like John Wick 2 and Atomic Blonde.

 7. Zeitgeist’s Tattoo

Zeitgeist made his first and last appearance in the issue of X-Force #116 of the Marvel Comics. The movie gave a nod to this by showing a tattoo on Zeitgeist’s arm that read “116”.

 8. Reference To Josh Brolin’s Movie

Deadpool 2 made references to Josh Brolin’s first big break, The Goonies, twice. In one of the scenes when Wade and Cable are having a conversation, Wade is seen wearing the same shirt as Chunk wore in The Goonies. In another reference, Wade is heard using a line from the same movie at Cable during a fight. He says “give me your best shot, one-eyed willy”.

 9. Deadpool Refers To The Camera

Deadpool breaks the existence of the fictional universe of Marvel by interacting with the audience on the camera. He is aware that the heroes aren’t real and that they being filmed. In one of the fighting scenes, when the guy attacking him gets shot, Wade looks at the splattered blood on the camera and navigates where the shot came from.

 10. Credits To Director

Director of Deadpool 2, David Leitch made his directorial debut in John Wick along with Chad Stahelski. However, only Stahelski was credited for John Wick. So, David found a creative way to hit two targets with one bullet. His credits in Deadpool 2 read “Directed By One of the guys who killed the dog in John Wick”.

 11. Wade Wanted SC Justice In X-Force

Deadpool was aiming for powerful and influential personalities to join his X-Force. One of the candidates applying for the interview was the great Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Her picture was seen in Deadpool’s hand.

 12. Deadpool Reflection On Juggernaut

In Deadpool 2, Wade tells Juggernaut that he always wanted his face to reflect on the villain’s helmet. This idea mirrors one of the comic book covers of Deadpool.

 13. The Sign Behind Deadpool

Hidden Details In Deadpool 2
Hidden Details In Deadpool 2

In one of the scenes, a board behind Deadpool says something in one of the Chinese languages. Interestingly, ‘死侍’ translates to ‘dead samurai’. Though it isn’t literal, it amounts to ‘Deadpool’.

 14. Wade Wilson’s Love For Bea Arthur

Deadpool displayed his affection for actress Bea Arthur by donning a t-shirt with her face on it in the first part. It was cemented further in the opening credits of Deadpool 2 as we saw one of his swords being engraved with her name.

Hidden Details In Deadpool 2
Hidden Details In Deadpool 2

This love for the actress arises from the comic book where the two share a history. According to reports, Ryan Reynolds paid a lot to wear Bea Arthur t-shirt.

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