• MoviesDeadpool Disney And MCU Characters

    10 Times Deadpool Poked Fun At Disney And MCU Characters

    Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool wasn’t a part of the mogul Disney until recently after it took over Fox Studios. Unlike other X-Men characters, Deadpool instantly became a fan favorite for its goofiness and wit. Even since the merc got a mouth, he hasn’t spared anyone, including Ryan’s embarrassing Green Lantern, from his attacks. Don’t know if Wade Wilson will show the…

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  • MoviesDuel Fights In MCU

    10 Best Duel Fights Ever Seen In The MCU Movies

    MCU movies have touched the audience with arresting plot, depth, emotions, and comedy apart from the compelling fights. When we talk about MCU superheroes, a lot of meaningful topics are brought to the table. But in the end, it’s the nasty fights with amazing special effects that draw us back to this superhero world. If we only wanted drama, suspense,…

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