7 Ways In Which Wonder Woman Was A Replica of Marvel Films

With Wonder Woman killing it in the theaters, there is a lot of buzz about the film, but in case you forgot how much it is like the Marvel films that we’ve seen, here’s a list about the same

Failed Love Stories

Be it Peggy and Captain America’s story, where Steve apparently dies to save the world, or be it Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor’s story where again Steve dies in order to save a country, in both the cases, the love story remains incomplete.

World Without Humans

Ares is Wonder Woman and Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, both wanted to reshape the World/Worlds in their images. Where Ares wanted to end the humans with war to create a utopian world before the humans ever existed, Ego wanted every world become him.

Kicked Out Off Homes

Wonder Woman and Thor, both immortals leave their homelands with an unsure possibility of returning to them, and try very hard to adapt to the ways of Earth, much to the embarrassment of the humans with them. Be it Thor breaking the Mug or Wonder Woman eating ice cream and the dress scenes.

Smarter Sidekicks

Dr. Poison and Dr. Zola in Wonder Woman and Captain America respectively are the better brains as well as the sidekicks to the main villain of the films, who both are German. And where they die there only, their sidekicks live on, Poison, to fight another day and Zola reappears in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Sibling Issues

In Diana’s final battle, we see her fighting Ares, who then reveals that the he and Diana are in fact half-siblings, with both having been fathered by Zeus. The very same way that Loki fights Thor, where he and Thor, both were fathered by Odin. Obviously, it was the protagonists in both films who won the battle. And where Loki returned in Avengers, there is no possibility of Ares to return (or is there?)

Superheroes On the Battlefield

Be it Captain America or be it Wonder Woman, in both the superhero flicks the protagonists join the humans on the battlefield, where they help to turn the tide for the allies. And obviously their side wins.

The Steve Sacrifice

wonder womanSteve sacrifices himself in order to destroy the plane carrying the weapons of mass destruction, planned be used to destroy London, quite similar to what Steve Roger does in Captain America. Both actors had the name Steve in the film and Chris in real lives and both were fighting Germans.

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