The Appearance of Yelena Belova in Hawkeye Spoiled By New Trailer

Hawkeye knocked it out of the part with the third episode of the series and it seems like there are a lot more exciting things yet to come. There were a lot of things in the series that referenced past events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But fans were more excited about the nods it made to characters who will become a significant part of the future of the MCU. While some fan theories suggested some major appearances in the series, all of them haven’t made an appearance yet. This does not mean that we won’t be getting to see these appearances or theories come to fruition because the series seems to surprise us with each episode. The new trailer for Hawkeye teases some major hints at the possible Black Widow and Kingpin surprises. In fact, the appearance of Yelena Belova in Hawkeye may have been spoiled.

Hawkeye So Far

We are halfway through the Hawkeye series and we have been introduced to the character of Echo and Kate Bishop in a much more proper format. Both the characters have been given a proper backstory that is indicative of what is driving them in the series. A major reference was made to the character of Kingpin in the third episode of the series where we saw someone come and interact with Echo during the scene of her backstory. While it is not yet confirmed fans are still considering it is Vincent d’Onofrio’s reprising his role as Kingpin from the Netflix Daredevil series.


New Trailer For Hawkeye

Marvel recently released a new 15-second teaser for Hawkeye, and it might have given us some exciting details about the upcoming appearances in the series. While one was the reference to Daredevil’s Kingpin with the scene from Episode 3, there were others hinting at the arrival of Yelena Belova after she was teased at the end of Black Widow. Before getting to that, let’s talk about Fisk!


Fans are certain that this is Kingpin based on the cufflinks of the black suit and the chuckle. The chuckle sounds quite similar to that of Vincent D’Onofrio’s and there are various other hints from Episode 3 that show the maximum chances of this being Kingpin. In the 15 second clip, we hear “biggest surprises yet to come” and that follows with this scene and another reveal. There is a chance that this means we might get a proper scene with the character of Kingpin being shown.


Yelena Belova in Hawkeye

The other reveal involves a mysterious character wearing a stealth suit that is quite similar to that of Tom Holland’s Night Monkey suit from Spider-Man: Far From Home. Fans are indicating that this is Yelena Belova because the suit comes with an electrical-based defense system that resembles Black Widow’s kiss. We were wondering which suit Yelena is going to wear in her second appearance. Now, that mystery has seemingly been solved.


There is some similarity of this costume with something that we have seen Yelena wear in one of the Marvel comics. The character appears in a costume that is similar to what she was wearing in Thunderbolts Vol. 1 130. There are major paralleled between these two costumes and this might also mean that Belova’s character will pay homage to her comic book origins. Kate says, “Who’s that?” in a manner that we should be worried about what this means for Hawkeye and Kate. She seems to be referencing to Yelena and this might mean that Yelena will actually end up attacking them.


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