10 Superhero Movie Narratives Which Weren’t In The Comics

Superhero movies have become the rave of the recent film industry and seem to be blowing up with the oncoming years. Apart from DC studios, there is another film production firm that has done wonders in a similar genre and created a fandom larger than any other production company to date. Marvel studious has implicated the revision of the superhero movies and adapted a lot from the original comics to fit the cinematic universe. But several times we witness directors take a very different approach than the comics and leave the fans in a bit of haze as to what the plot was aimed towards. The plot is revolving around several known issues which make sense, but also around several other issues which do not make sense and implicate a completely different storyline or narrative altogether.

Professor X

In the comics, Professor X is written off as an American national with American Slang, but Fox’s reiteration of the X-Men’s institute for special kid’s headmaster is shown as an English-speaking chap with a profound subtlety in the English arts. Well, many hardcore fans may have raised an obligation, but the way Patrick Stewart played off the role, we find it extremely convincing that no nerd or comic buff would ever complain about it.

The Lack of Secret Identities

Avengers: Endgame Spider-Man: Far From Home

In the MCU, not many characters have been known to keep their identities secret, except for Thor who hails from a different realm altogether. Post the inclusion of the Sokovian Accords, almost every hero was already known to make identity public. Except for Cap, and a few others who had a lot of red ink on their ledger were probably the ones who wanted to keep it a secret.

Organic Web-Shooters

Actors Who Played Younger Roles

In the original Spider-Man narratives from the comics, every comic buff was aware of how Peter Parker used to make his concoction of the organic spider webs which used to dissolve away in a matter of 2 hours since their deployment from the web-shooters, again designed by Spidey himself. But, in Sam Raimi’s 2002 production and the subsequent productions, we witnessed Tobey Maguire shooting webs out of his wrist, that kind of took many comic enthusiasts by surprise.

The Bat Voice

Superhero Movie Narratives
Superhero Movie Narratives

If there is one thing that DCEU has never been able to get right, it would have to be Batman’s Voice. One of the oldest claims by several comic buffs has always had this searing feedback about every Batman movie out there and that was the voice with which Batman spoke.

Tony Stark Creates Ultron

In the Age of Ultron, we witnessed Tony make an effort to put armor around the world and failed miserably when Ultron happened. It was this flow of events that after the Ultron façade he was forced into reconsidering the Sokovian accords. Many of you although are not aware that Ultron in the comics is created by Hank Pym and not Tony Stark.


Before Blade’s implication in the cinematic universe in 1998, he was a regular vampire hunter with UV light as his weakness, but with Blade’s cinematic arrival Marvel realized how cool it would be if he was able to walk even in the sun. This idea became the root cause of Blade becoming a ‘DayWalker’, first in the movies and then later in the comics. The so-called powers of a ‘DayWalker’ were for a vampire to undergo a rare mutation while at birth, with the host mother being converted into a vampire and the resulting baby born with both human and vampire powers.

Batman Kills People

In the comic iteration, Batman has never been known to kill people, no matter how bad they were. He has known to severely injure them, but not kill them. However, the DCEU version of the bat vigilante seems to have snorted on a lot of coke before leaving his cave and go on a killing spree.

No Reference of Mutants In MCU

Superhero Movie Narratives
Superhero Movie Narratives

It is 2021, but to date even in phase 4 of the Marvel Studios plan, we have not witnessed the inclusion of a single mutant into the MCU storyline. However, in the comics Mutants and the Avengers are seen battling several evil villains together.

X-Men Jumpsuits

In the X-Men series, we witness the team members were these ridiculous jumpsuits before every mission, which kind of makes them difficult to distinguish from each other. All the suits are designed and made with a similar design in mind.

Ra’s Al Ghul As Bruce’s Trainer

Superhero Movie Narratives
Superhero Movie Narratives

Ra’s Al Ghul role as Bruce’s instructor/sensei was never a part of the original narrative from the comic books. Ra was never Bruce’s trainer; he was pure evil with his mind only set on justice. He was never the hiding leader of the Court of the owls and he was more than a hundred years old and revived his age with a dip in the Lazarus pit, which was never even mentioned in Christopher Nolan’s version of Ra’s Al Ghul.

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