Marvel Mutants Whose Powers Have Evolved Into Something Unique

The transition phase between the finding of their powers and experiencing a change after hitting puberty or a second traumatic event in an individual born with the X-gene might trigger a phase of development of a new power in the individual which might give rise to new powers. There are multiple ways in which someone born with the X-gene can be made to trigger the gene which might give the user the ability to new powers. Often these abilities arise post-hitting puberty or a traumatic event which forces the inhibitor of the X-gene to act in ways of self-defense or aggression which often leads to the arousal of the newfound latent abilities. These latent abilities always are a better version of one’s existing power and enhance the user potential to the next level. Below is a list of popular mutants whose powers have evolved and made them a lot more powerful than before.

Ice Man

Robert Drake was a friendly snow boy whose ability allowed him to fire snowballs from his hands at the brotherhood of evil mutants. Later on, in the storyline, Ice Man undergoes a secondary mutation and is made aware of his omega level powers. He was now able to freeze things but at a molecular level, he was able to summon ice golems who shared his consciousness. He was also able to teleport between continents just by jumping in the ocean and reassembling him at the point of exit.


Secondary Mutations in Marvel Comics Marvel Mutants Powers Evolved

Josh Foley was a gifted kid with the ability to heal others using something called Biokinesis. Something similar to wolverine but sharable. In a certain event, he used this ability to heal himself which turned his skin into a glowing golden color which also triggered his second mutation. On discovering his Omega level power, he realized that the same power could be applied offensively and when he does so his skin changes color to deep metallic black. In addition to this Elixir is capable of reviving people of the dead and even himself. Which has made him a precious member of the group called Five who themselves had attained functional immortality amongst all humanity.


Remy LeBeau can transform the energy stored in an object into kinetic energy with the use of molecular acceleration and preparing them for detonation. Earlier in the series during an incident Gambit blows a card in his face and for a period was blinded could see into the future. Another version of the gambit allowed him to poison the air, corrupt others with his touch, and even use molecular acceleration to disintegrate his enemies.


After leaving X-Men, Hank McCoy joins an evil organization called the Roxxon Oil Corporation. Hank creates another serum that triggers another mutation in his body and transforms him into a more muscular and hairier version of himself. Kind of how a lion would look if it could walk. He sported razor-like claws and fangs and even gained a healing ability.


Marvel Mutants Powers Evolved
Marvel Mutants Powers Evolved

Back in his brotherhood, Bob was someone with impenetrable skin, be it bullets, rockets, or even colossus’s punches. In the story, later on, Miss Sinister performs a technology of him called Mothervine which makes his bones stretchy and made him like Mr. Fantastic.


Mortimer Toynbee was gifted the worst mutant power possible; he had the power of a toad. He could stick to walls, leap significant distance with considerable force, and can extend his tongue 30 feet. Later on, the series Toad goes through a secondary mutation which now gives him a fiery tongue in addition to his other powers.

Emma Frost

Marvel Mutants Powers Evolved

She was introduced as a master of telekinesis and telepathy. Later on, a secondary mutation allowed her to transform her body into an organic diamond. She could lift 2 tons in this form and did not need and food, water, or even air to survive. Her Diamond form although made her less human and she could not use her psychic abilities while barring others from her mind.


Alternate Versions of X-Men

Rogue was able to master her ability to switch off her power to drain people’s memories, life force, and their powers with just the touch from any part of her body. Because of this, she was finally able to show affection and marry the love of her life.


Apart from his big wings and his ability to fly, there was nothing that Angel could do much. Until later on in the story, a metamorphosis takes place in his body and due to circumstances reveals that he can heal anyone by the means of blood transfusion.


Marvel Mutants Powers Evolved
Marvel Mutants Powers Evolved

By using his magnetic prowess Magento can defy the laws of gravity and bend light because of which he can make light bounce off of him or anyone else he chooses to render invisible.

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