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    WandaVision Theory: Dottie is X-Men’s Emma Frost (& Mind Controlling Townspeople)

    Dottie is X-Men’s Emma Frost: There have been many strange things in WandaVision as of yet. Well, to be honest, everything is strange. But what intrigues the fans is – Where is Dottie? The said character, played by Emma Caulfield, will be appearing in the next few episodes. Well, possibly. Caulfield made her debut as Dottie in WandaVision episode two…

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  • HollywoodMarvel Mutants Powers EvolvedMarvel Mutants Powers Evolved

    Marvel Mutants Whose Powers Have Evolved Into Something Unique

    The transition phase between the finding of their powers and experiencing a change after hitting puberty or a second traumatic event in an individual born with the X-gene might trigger a phase of development of a new power in the individual which might give rise to new powers. There are multiple ways in which someone born with the X-gene can…

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  • BooksStunning Women From X-Men

    10 Most Stunning Women From X-Men

    Since its formation in 1963, X-Men have always had a wide variety of damsels who filled up and livened the pages of X-Men comics and our lives. Even though it was a vague contradiction, given the title of the comics. Every new issue brought with itself one or two new damsels who would steal your heart in a wink of…

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    27 Fabulous Emma Frost Cosplays That Will Make You Fall For Her

    Emma Frost is an X-Men character and is one of the hottest Marvel characters. The character was created by John Byrne and Chris Claremont and was first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #129. Check out the sexiest Emma Frost cosplays that will blow your senses: Wow! Fantastic! Fabulous! Pretty! Wonderful! Sexy! Beautiful! Ooh, La La! Awesome! Amazing! Impressive! Drooling! Hot! Sexy! Mind-Blowing!…

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