WandaVision Theory: Dottie is X-Men’s Emma Frost (& Mind Controlling Townspeople)

Dottie is X-Men’s Emma Frost:

There have been many strange things in WandaVision as of yet. Well, to be honest, everything is strange. But what intrigues the fans is – Where is Dottie? The said character, played by Emma Caulfield, will be appearing in the next few episodes. Well, possibly. Caulfield made her debut as Dottie in WandaVision episode two as Westview’s archetypal suburban woman. As head of the planning committee for that episode’s magic show, Wanda and Dottie shared an eerie moment at the local country club. When Jimmy Woo tries to reach Wanda through the radio, Dottie has a strange reaction, crushing glass in her hand and showing off the red wound in the black and white world.

WandaVision’s seventh episode is slated to premiere this Friday. Caulfield has mostly stayed quiet about her character, but the actress tweeted something that could hint at Dottie’s return. Caulfield tweeted, “Where’s #Dottie?” and tagged Marvel, WandaVision, and Disney+ in the post. The tweet reveals nothing else, but the timing is peculiar, especially after the character’s absence in the last few episodes.

At the end of episode 5 “On a Very Special Episode…” Wanda and Vision got into their first blow-out fight. Vision, who had been becoming increasingly suspicious about the reality of their reality, confronted Wanda, who finally burst out with the truth: She had no idea how Westview started and argued with Vision that there was no way she had the power to control every single person in Westview or the minute details of the lives of thousands of people. It was a moment that seemed incredibly sincere, with Wanda suddenly appearing lost and just as baffled as Vision himself.

That leaves two possibilities. Either Wanda’s mind is so fractured that she really is doing all of it but is hiding the scope of her powers even from herself, or someone else is involved and acting as puppetmaster. Considering the nature of what’s happening in Westview, few characters in the Marvel universe are powerful enough and have the right skill set to pull it off. One such character is the mutant Emma Frost.

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A close look at Wanda’s historical power set in the MCU doesn’t quite add up to what is happening in Westview now. It’s undeniable she is far more powerful than she had been, but thus far, it’s been her telekinetic powers that have leveled up, not her telepathic ones. Further, when Vision temporarily pulled his coworker, Norm, out of the mind control, Norm made it clear the mind control was painful. While Wanda’s telepathic powers certainly messed up various members of the Avengers in Avengers: Age of Ultron, nothing about the experience indicated it was physically painful, just deeply unpleasant.

The powers we’re talking about perfectly fit Emma Frost’s catalog. While not officially considered a full Omega-level mutant in the comics, Emma Frost has been considered a world-class telepath if not an Omega class telepath. Her powers and abilities exactly line up with what would be needed to control Westview, or at the very least, to use Wanda as a conduit. Among her many, many powers, Emma Frost can mentally link with multiple people, create telepathic illusions, control the minds of others, induce mental pain and trauma, cause amnesia and memory loss, and much more. A number of clues in the series have hinted this is exactly what’s happening to the townspeople of Westview, but it may not be Wanda – at least, not directly.

Dottie appeared in the first two episodes but has been mysteriously absent since, a strange turn of events considering how she was positioned. Agness specifically explained to Wanda that Dottie was the one Wanda had to please if she wanted things to go smoothly in Westview. “Dottie is the key to everything in this town,” she explained. Nothing in the town happened, at least initially, without Dottie’s say-so, from what Wanda wore to community planning meetings to the town’s talent show fundraiser. It’s odd Dottie is suddenly nowhere to be found considering she was more of a central figure in the town than the other neighbors who have retained supporting roles. It’s almost as though Dottie appeared to set things in Westview into motion and then stepped back in order to not reveal her hand.

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Another minute detail that intrigues us is Dottie’s color scheme of pale skin, platinum blonde hair, and light-colored clothing is both striking and exactly mirrors Emma Frost’s look in the comics. At least, it mirrors what Emma Frost might look like if she were pulled into a classic sitcom version of the real world. It could be that Dottie’s pristine look is meant as a cheeky nod to the “purity” of her status as the queen bee of the neighborhood, but Marvel rarely makes such deliberate costume and makeup choices without a reason.

What do you think? Let us know about your theories in the comments below!

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