Multiverse of Madness Hints At The Death Of Superior Iron Man

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at a tremendous pace over the last couple of years. It has gotten way bigger than anyone could have expected. The reason for this growth is twofold, the first reason being the opening up of the multiverse. But the second reason is the exploration of MCU’s own universe which they have somehow dubbed 616 now. Regardless, there have been a lot of implications because the opening up of the multiverse and the Multiverse of Madness gave us a lot to think about. There are throwaway lines in this movie that have layers upon layers of secrets. Like did you know that Multiverse of Madness hints at the death of Superior Iron Man?

Let me explain in proper detail so that you can understand. Superior Iron Man is a character in the Marvel comicverse. This variant of Iron Man was enchanted by dark magic and became obsessed with Earth’s security even more than MCU’s Iron Man. Superior Iron Man went down a dark path. In his paranoid fervor, he took over Ultron and used him to control his Iron Legion army. Not only that, but he also created a version of his Iron Man suit that he would never have to take off, even to go to the bathroom or to eat. This is the level of dedication that this version of Iron Man had in the comics. Superior Iron Man was slated to show up in Multiverse of Madness and was expected to be played by Tom Cruise.


Death of Superior Iron Man

There was no official announcement in this regard but the plot leaks and fan theories all pointed toward the appearance of this character. In fact, it was Multiverse of Madness’s first trailer and the appearance of the Ultron sentinels that made the fans so sure that this character would appear in the movie. But when we saw Multiverse of Madness, Superior Iron Man was nowhere to be found even though the sentinels were present and confirmed to be Ultron bots. There is no way that the Iron Legion was created without the involvement of Stark, so why don’t we see him in the movie.


When we visit Earth-838, we meet the members of The Illuminati, but Iron Man is not present. We think this is hinting toward the death of Superior Iron Man. You see, in the flashback that The Illuminati members share with us we see them standing atop Titan while condemning Doctor Strange of their universe to die. This happened right after they defeated Thanos. This means that the events on both earths follow a general pattern even though the components involved may be wildly different.


Death of Superior Iron Man

Hence, I wish to take a leap of logic and conclude here that Earth-838’s Iron Man might have also sacrificed his life in an attempt to stop Thanos. It would certainly make a lot of sense that a paranoid messiah be the first to die in Infinity War. This is even more true if the Strange of this universe did not give away the time stone, which he would not have since this was not the only play they had.


The Explanation

This Strange used the Book of Vishanti and hence had no need to hand over the time stone. Hence, he did not have a bargaining chip to offer when Thanos held Stark’s life in his hand. It would thereby mean that the death of Superior Iron Man was caused by a small shift in Strange’s approach. Maybe all live versions of Stark are fated to die in a battle with Thanos in their respective universes and Superior Iron Man was just a victim of his preordained destiny.


An alternative to this theory is that Superior Iron Man was simply busy at the time Strange was presented in front of The Illuminati. But if that were the case then the death of all his sentinels and team members might have triggered him to return to the headquarters post-haste. The only explanation for his absence is his untimely demise.

Let us know what you think about the death of Superior Iron Man down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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