10 Best Shows And Movies of X-Men That No Fan Can Miss

X-Men is one of the most renowned heroes of the Marvel comics. Though their entrance on the screen was not until 1992, they have made quite an impact on the audience’s mind. Marvel didn’t have the movie rights to these characters until recently when Disney took over Fox Studios. Up till then, ‘X-Men’ was capitalized by Fox Studios who started the franchise in 2000.

Shows And Movies of X-Men

In its lifespan of 20 years, the franchise produced some of the best movies like Logan, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool, etc. But even more than that, we got the most unforgettable characters because of the actors who portrayed them. Now that, the globally popular franchise has met its dusk, a reboot is inevitable in the future under the wings of the MCU. Meanwhile, let us discuss the best X-Men iterations we have had on the screens so far. Here are the best show and movies of X-Men that no fan can miss.

 1. X-Men

The movie that started it all! ‘X-Men’ is the most significant film of the franchise for introducing the world to the mutant universe on the silver screen. All the prime characters like Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Mystique, and Storm starred in this film. It captured the main crux of the franchise’s story.

 2. X-Men: Days of Future Past

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In order to prevent the creation of Sentinels who will bring death upon the mutants, Wolverine travels back in time. His only aim is to reunite the young Xavier and Magneto and convince them to stop Mystique from assassinating Boliver Trask, whose death is linked to the Sentinels. If you want to watch the most thrilling X-Men movie with a compelling story that also stars your favorite characters, this is the one.

 3. Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool had a horrendous introduction in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The Merc with Mouth apparently didn’t have a mouth at all in the movie. The real character was completely changed and given new powers. However, when Fox finally rectified its mistakes by releasing Deadpool, it changed everything. Ryan Reynolds was the right choice for the goofy and witty anti-hero. With its violence and profanity, we finally got a superhero movie that no one ever dreamt of.

 4. X2

Shows And Movies of X-Men
Shows And Movies of X-Men

X2 aka X-Men United introduces us to an important X-Men character, Nightcrawler. It was the sequel to the first X-Men film but exceeded the fans’ expectations. X2 was more badass and full of amazing action sequels and special effects.

 5. X-Men (Animated)

This cartoon introduced many ‘90s kids to Marvel and its X-Men. No matter how many animated shows based on these comic characters are produced with modern tech, it wouldn’t be the same as this one. If you have watched it, let us know which is your favorite episode.

 6. Logan

Logan marked the end of the X-Men saga (since Dark Phoenix was a prequel) with an emotional tone that we didn’t see coming. The story tried to stick to reality more than the other superhero films. Professor X being defeated by old age and Logan manifesting feelings and emotions as a father was extremely heartwarming. We also bid goodbye to our favorite hero who sacrificed his life to protect his daughter.

 7. X-Men: Evolution

If you want to know about Wanda’s adventures with her real teammates, X-Men, outside the Avengers, then this mind-blowing animated series is for you. Watching the original roots of the X-Men in the animated form will make you nostalgic. Regardless of your age, as a Marvel fan, you will have a blast with this series.

 8. X-Men: First Class

Shows And Movies of X-Men
Shows And Movies of X-Men

This film establishes the foundation of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto’s friendship. We are taken back in time where young Charles and Magneto begin their friendship and join forces with other mutants with the potentials to fight a war. Amidst a background of saving mankind from a nuclear attack, the movie defined the relationship between the two prime mutants and how they fell apart.

 9. Deadpool 2

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The Deadpool saga is the star on Fox’s badge. In the second installment, Deadpool is determined to protect young mutant Russell from a man from the future named Cable. The movie witnesses the formation of the X-Force from the comic books. It is full of amazing cameos from big names like Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. The movie ends with a huge plot twist as the real villain turns out to be someone else, not Cable. As usual, Deadpool 2 didn’t disappoint us with comedy and brutal action sequences.

 10. Wolverine and the X-Men

Shows And Movies of X-Men
Shows And Movies of X-Men

An explosion at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters separates the team of X-Men. But Wolverine takes the charge to reunite them all in face of a brewing threat from the Mutant Response Division. Apart from Wolverine, it features Emma Frost, Rogue, Gambit, Kitty Pryde, Storm, Mystique, Wanda and Cyclops, and more. It is an animated series and adapts the adventures from Dark Phoenix, Days of Future Past, and the Avengers. It is considered one of the best Marvel series.

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