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    10 Best Shows And Movies of X-Men That No Fan Can Miss

    X-Men is one of the most renowned heroes of the Marvel comics. Though their entrance on the screen was not until 1992, they have made quite an impact on the audience’s mind. Marvel didn’t have the movie rights to these characters until recently when Disney took over Fox Studios. Up till then, ‘X-Men’ was capitalized by Fox Studios who started…

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  • QB Memes

    18 Epic Savage Fox Studios Memes That Will Make You Laugh Hard

    After the biggest Disney-Fox deal there are so many things happened that has changed things. Here’re some brutal memes that Fox will not find funny: Lol! Ohh Noo! Really?? Cool! Fox Need To Have The Cosplayers! Funny! Haha! Certified Rotten! Marvel Vs. Fox! Perfection! Lol! Oh No! Sidelined! Totally! OMG! Look! WTF! Shut Up And Enjoy!

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  • News

    Here’s How “The Gifted” TV Series Is Different Than X-Men Movies  

    The new Fox’s TV series “The Gifted” is a story of an ordinary suburban family which found out that the young members of the family have developed mutant like abilities. It has shattered the myth that a TV show based on popular X-Men universe can’t work without marque names like Wolverine, Xavier or Magneto. It is currently five episodes in…

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  • Newsmarvel

    Marvel hell-bent on killing the X-Men series?

    X-Men and Marvel have really got the fans edgy with rumors about X-men franchise coming to an end. The silent war between Marvel and Fox has been going on for quite some time regarding licensing of the two movies. Slowly gaining publicity, while Fox moves on with the movie rights, Marvel, on the other hand, is slowly trying to finish…

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  • NewsFantastic Four

    Fantastic Four to enter into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

    “To be or not to be”, is an apt phrase for Fantastic Four, where we are never sure if the movie is happening or not. Recently Marvel came out saying that they are going ahead with the movie, on the other hand, Fox has denied the news completely. With the coming of Comic-Con in San Diego, we can finally hope…

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  • NewsX-Men

    Fox Apologizes For Controversial X-Men: Apocalypse Billboard

    The Fox studios aren’t really delighted to see global box-office numbers of the latest mutant saga X-Men Apocalypse directed by Bryan Singer who was at the helm of successful films in the franchise like X-Men, X-Men 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Apparently, we see the usual which we have already seen in previous X-Men movies – Apocalypse (an…

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