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The Batman: Penguin Will Get His Own Spinoff Series on HBO Max

The Batman is gonna be another new rendition of the caped crusader we will get to experience soon. Batman is a character that requires its villain to make it a challenging experience. DC is making spinoffs for a lot of the characters that are appearing in the upcoming movies. As we have seen with Marvel, the series based on the characters of the movie gives us a deeper insight into the world of the character. And now, we’re going to get a deeper insight into Oswald Cobblepot as the Penguin will get his own spinoff series. 

With various shows planned to be added to the MCU, there’s no wonder we will get a chance to explore new characters and existing longtime characters in a wholly different way. The DC movies aren’t holding back either with multiple shows scheduled to come out including the recently announced Penguin spinoff from The Batman. Let’s take a look at the Penguin spinoff series from The Batman that is under development.


The Batman

Ever since the first look was released last year during the DC FanDome event, fans have been hyping up about this project. The trailer showed us a world that looked very different from the other portrayals. While it hinted at all the characters that will be appearing, some of the characters still appeared only with their voices in the trailer. But one of the major reveals has to be Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot or Penguin. Set photos leaked during the making of the project already revealed the major transformation the actor was gonna go through for the role. The trailer showed us his character in full action. This has the fans really excited to see more of this classic Batman villain’s portrayal.


Penguin Spinoff

Penguin Will Get His Own Spinoff Series

It seems that fans will get to see more of the character anyway since Variety has reported that a spinoff show centered around Farrell’s Penguins is under development at HBO Max. The show will be based around Penguin’s rise to power in Gotham. Sources have also confirmed that Farrell has been approached to reprise his role as it will be based on his appearance in The Batman. No deal has yet been reported regarding Colin Farrell reprising the character or being a part of the series. HBO Max has screenwriter Lauren LeFranc attached to the project to pen the scripts for this show.


Other Plans

This only goes to confirm the confidence that Warner Bros. has in the Batman movie. The state of the Batman character in DCEU is still unclear as Affleck is out of the role, except for his one confirmed appearance in 2022’s The Flash. It seems that this Batman will have its own cinematic universe that might not have any links with the DCEU. This could mean that fans could expect a lot more Batman-based content coming out in the upcoming years.


Penguin Will Get His Own Spinoff Series

There’s already a confirmed spinoff show coming out based on the Gotham Police Department. Not much is known about this series either except for the fact that Matt Reeves, director of The Batman, had confirmed that it will focus on Jim Gordon and another officer on the force who is supposed to be corrupt. This kind of world-building holds a special place in the hearts of the fans as not much is known regarding what kind of characters we might be able to witness. Plus, this is completely separate from the DCEU which has had its ups and downs.


The Batman is scheduled to come out on March 4, 2022. The movie will be directed by Matt Reeves. It stars Robert Pattinson in the titular role and it will explore the early years of Batman’s crime-fighting in Gotham. We will get to see him opposite other Gotham characters like Selina Kyle aka Catwoman as played by Zoë Kravitz, Riddler as played by Paul Dano, and also Colin Farrell’s Penguin along with a lot of other characters. Other stars attached to the movie include Andy Serkis as Alfred, Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon and Barry Keoghan, John Turturro, and Peter Sarsgaard in yet to be confirmed roles.


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