Arrow Season 4: My Name is John Constantine

The episode titled “Haunted” marked the crossover of Arrow and Constantine in the most spectacular way possible. Both of them shared great chemistry with each other, and the narrative continues to move forward. It is one of the most thrilling episodes till now in the season, so much so that you would be left wanting for more. Marc Guggenheim, the executive producer of the show thanked the fans for their support and also indicated for potential collaboration with Matt Ryan in the future. Here are the top 5 amazing developments from the latest episode:

Oliver and John Constantine are old pals:

After a long time, the flashback sequences did’nt look like a distraction, instead it added to the narrative. We learn about how the friendship of John and Oliver was developed at an island where Oliver was stranded for five years before he came back to save his city.

John Constantine helps restore Sara’s soul:

When Sara’s blood lust became uncontrollable and she attempted to kill Thea, Oliver called his old pal John Constantine who is an expert in mysticism and owes him a favor. He came to Star City, restored Sara’s soul to her body through black magic and gives Oliver advice to not mess with Damien Darhk.

Oliver and Laurel are good friends again:

Oliver and Laurel’s relationship has been complicated to say the least, but after they successfully united Sara’s soul with her body, they connected and hugged each other.

Quentin-Diggle unlikely partnership:

In the most unlikely partnership of all times, Quentin Lance and John Diggle decided to work together on an assignment given to Quentin by Damien Darhk. They did the dirty work and learnt a devastating secret about why H.I.V.E killed Andrew Diggle.

Ray Palmer is alive:

Curtis (a.k.a Mister Terrific) managed to unravel the mystery of Ray Palmer and showed to Felicity that he is alive, but in serious trouble.


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