6 MCU Characters That Could Cameo in Loki on Disney+

Loki is about to hit Disney+ and we’re all truly excited about this multiverse time travel series. It is the first MCU series that doesn’t take place in the main timeline of Earth-19999. It follows the same Variant Loki that escaped in Avengers: Endgame, and apparently created a few branches in time. Now as he agrees to a deal with the TVA, he’ll probably come across other Variants of Loki throughout the series. But since we are visiting different timelines, we believe that there are other MCU characters that could cameo in Loki. They could show up as variants playing different roles in their respective timelines.

In fact, Loki’s head writer Michael Waldron and director Kate Herron have teased that cameos from familiar MCU characters are quite possible. While speaking with Digital Spy, Waldron was asked about appearances from other characters. He said that there were no comic book characters that were off-limits. Here’s his exact statement:

“If they were within the rights, and legal could clear it, there was no reason we couldn’t try and chase them down.”

WandaVision teased a big cameo at the end of the show, which totally played us. It turned out to be none other than Paul Bettany’s White Vision. A Doctor Strange cameo was possible, but it didn’t happen. Although in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Don Cheadle’s James “Rhodey” Rhodes (also known as War Machine) made a small cameo in the first episode. So there could be other mystery appearances in Loki as well. Here are 5 MCU characters that could cameo in Loki.


Heimdall (Idris Elba) died in Avengers: Infinity War, when Thanos came to the Asgardian vessel in search of the Tesseract. But since this series takes place could make a small cameo in Loki as in the first trailer, Loki called him out. Even though he is not a major character compared to the others in the Thor franchise, his appearance in the show could still surprise many fans. But Idris Elba has been pretty busy in the last year or so. He appeared in Netflix’s Concrete Cowboy and will also show up in The Suicide Squad. So, his cameo becomes dicy.

Queen Frigga

Thor: The Dark World showed that Loki truly loved his mother and he was distorted when she died in the movie. Queen Frigga (Rene Russo) last showed up in Avengers: Endgame to motivate Thor in succeeding on his mission. Just like that, she could also appear in this show to impart her guidance to Loki in his time of need.

Lady Sif

Lady Sif (Jamie Alexander) was last seen in Thor: The Dark World, but because of scheduling conflicts, she could not appear in Thor: Ragnarok. Now, Thor: Love and Thunder will solve the mystery of her absence. But before that, she could possibly appear in one of Loki’s alternate timelines.


In one of the trailer shots, Loki was the king of Asgard. Maybe Odin (Anthony Hopkins) made him the king instead of Thor in this timeline. This alternate timeline could show us a close relationship between Odin and Loki. It is something that we haven’t seen in the MCU so far (But I personally believe that he won’t appear in the show).


In the first trailer when Loki called Heimdall, he also called Thor for help. So, a cameo by Thor (Chris Hemsworth), one of the biggest characters in the MCU, could really excite the audience. But as shown in Avengers: Endgame, Thor is on an adventure with the guardians. So, it is possible that a Thor variant could show up, who may or may not be worthy. Maybe this Variant might actually be evil. Although, don’t count on it!

Thanos, The Other or the Black Order

Back in The Avengers, the Other threatened Loki. He said, “If you fail, if the Tesseract is kept from us, there will be no realm, no barren moon, no crevice where he can’t find you. You think you know pain? He will make you long for something as sweet as pain.” Now that Loki is going to escape with the Tesseract, either Thanos, the Other, or one of his Black Order members could pursue him. Thanos is too big of a character to appear. But one of the Black Order can definitely show up to collect the Tesseract.

I strongly believe that either Queen Frigga or Lady Sif should have an appearance in the Loki series. Which MCU Characters Could Cameo in Loki according to you guys? Let us know in the comments.

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