Will Shuri Die in Black Panther 2?

We’re done with Doctor Strange 2 and Thor 4. And all eyes are now set on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The first trailer did well to hype up the film. It made us emotional about Chadwick Boseman. But at the same time, it raised several questions like how T’Challa died in the movie. Where has Namor been all this time? How does he flood the throne room when it is supposed to be on top of Mount Bashenga. And will Shuri die in the movie? This last question got raised for two different reasons.

The first reason is that Letitia Wright’s anti-vax statements during the pandemic were pretty controversial. So, people were left wondering whether Marvel would kill her off in Wakanda Forever to prevent future controversies. And the second reason is Queen Ramonda’s dialogue, who says that her “entire family is gone.” Ramonda lost her husband, T’Chaka, in Captain America: Civil War. And she is going to lose T’Challa in Wakanda Forever. But why does she say that her entire family is gone? What happened to Shuri?


Does this movie, or perhaps this scene take place during the blip? I guess it would make a lot of sense if this scene would be a flashback moment of the time between Infinity War and Endgame. T’Challa and Shuri were snapped out of existence, so Queen Ramonda could have taken the throne back then. And that’s when she spoke the same dialogue for some reason. But if you look at the visual tone of this scene, it doesn’t seem like this is a flashback sequence. It seems that the scene is taking place in the present day. So really, what does Ramonda mean by her entire family is gone?


Maybe Shuri gets kidnapped by Namor’s people, and Wakanda would believe that she’s dead? Or maybe this dialogue is a big misdirection. It has to be that because we’ve seen some evidence that Shuri is the new Black Panther in this movie. The evidence for that came from a trusted Marvel scooper, MyTimeToShineHello. She tweeted that Wakanda Forever will be an ensemble piece, and Shuri will be the lead wearing her Black Panther armor.


But she won’t be Black Panther forever because, towards the end of the film, she would pass on the mantle to M’Baku. Whether this bit about the end is valid remains to be seen. But we’ve got another piece of evidence that revealed that Shuri is the Black Panther we saw in the trailer.

Firstly, the figure of this Black Panther seems more akin to Letitia Wright. The arm is quite slim. And secondly, look at this leaked Lego set of Wakanda Forever.


It shows Shuri wearing a Black Panther suit, while Nakia is in the same green suit we saw in the trailer. So Shuri obviously won’t die halfway through the movie. Will she die while battling Namor? I don’t think she would. Namor is only supposed to be the antagonist in this particular film. And after it, he will become a hero, or at least an Anti-hero in the MCU. So if he kills Shuri, then his character would probably become irredeemable for the future. I believe that Shuri will not die in Black Panther 2.


Will Shuri Die in Black Panther 2

She is too young and has a long way to go in the MCU. Being the most intelligent person alive on Earth, for now, she could play a very crucial role in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. The Black Panther franchise has already lost T’Challa. So Marvel cannot kill off Shuri as well. She cannot be killed even if she passes on the Black Panther mantle to M’Baku. So to answer the question, no, Shuri will not die in Black Panther 2!


But what are your thoughts on this matter? Will Shuri die according to you? Let us know in the comments.

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