10 Actors Who Preferred Money More Than The Character

Getting paid to do what you love is great, and Acting in Hollywood movies not only just makes you famous, it makes you really wealthy. Sometimes the money that is being offered is so good that actors take on the roles just for the money. Here are ten actors who took on roles in films only for the money.

Alec Guinness – Star Wars

The actor who played Obi Wan Kenobi in the first Star Wars movie of the original trilogy is probably the ultimate example of taking on a role just for the money. He was already having a share in the profits of the movie, so it only made sense that he would star in it too. He often complained about the script and dialogues he got and the discomforts he had to face while doing the role, but thankfully no one else was offered the role for because fans cannot imagine anyone else doing that role, even though it was only for the earnings.

Jackie Chan – Rush Hour 

What is better than getting paid for a role in a movie? The answer is getting paid 3 times for the same role. Jackie Chan joined Hollywood in the 80s and was heavily featured in movies in the 90s. He signed on to form an unusual duo along with Chris Tucker in the movie Rush Hour. He did not particularly enjoy his role as much as he does other roles, but he did it because the money was good, and not just once, 3 whole times.

Morgan Freeman – London has fallen

Morgan Freeman is one of the biggest stars on the planet. He is really famous for his voice and has over 100 movies under his belt. You might find him in at least 3 movies per year. Not just because he loves to do movies, but also because he loves getting paid for it and he wants to make as much as he can until the time he retires. One such example of a movie is London has Fallen where he played the vice president of America.

Robert Pattinson – Twilight

Robert played the role of Edward Cullen, a really awkward Vampire in the Twilight series. This movie series has literally divided fans all over the world as some really hate the series while some love it. Well, Robert surely does not as he has mocked the character for which teenage girls love him so many times. He said that his character is a weird Vampire who has been a virgin for over 100 years and his relationship with Bella just does not feel right. Well, the only thing he was interested in while doing the role was money, as the sum was huge!

Idris Elba – Thor 

Idris Elba is one of the biggest stars of Hollywood right now. He has played so many iconic roles including the role of Nelson Mandela. But, his talents are seriously underused in the MCU. When he was cast in the role of Heimdall, he thought it would be great but he admitted that it was really disappointing for him and he hated being a part of the 2nd Thor movie. He also admitted that he is continuing only because he is bound by a contract and is being paid well for such a small role.

Stephen DillaneGame of Thrones

Stephen Dillane had a 30 years old acting career even before he was cast in Game of Thrones as Stannis Baratheon. His performance was very well acclaimed by the fans as well as the critics. But he himself did not enjoy being a part of the show. He has admitted that he still has not been able to watch the show fully even when his character is dead and also said that he did the show because he was being paid well.

Glenn Close – Guardians of the Galaxy

Glenn Close has done plenty of roles during her time in Hollywood and she wanted to be a part of one of the MCU movies as she had never done one of those and it was a new trend in Hollywood. She played the role of the Commander of the Nova Corps in Guardians of the Galaxy. The role was not as substantial as she would have loved it to be but she was happy as it paid well.

Jeremy Renner – The Avengers 

Well, we all know the weakest Avenger is Hawkeye and so does the actor who is playing him. Renner thought that the character is great and it was some ways, but truthfully, Hawkeye did not have as much it does in the movie and Renner kept joking that he wanted his character to die at the end of the movie. But, he enjoyed the money he was being paid for it so he continued the role for the upcoming movies too.

Harrison Ford – The Force Awakens

Harrison Ford is a big name in Hollywood and is famous for basically 3 iconic roles, Rick Deckard, Indiana Jones and everyone’s favorite, Han Solo. By the time Star Wars was getting over in the 80s, Harrison Ford despite getting so much fame from his character did everything he could to separate his character from the series. With this, people were worried that he would not even want to come back for the Force Awakens, but thankfully for us and him, he did. The movie made him the world’s highest earning film star of all time.

Henry Cavill – Superman in DCEU


Our new Superman is surely great, and we all know that Henry Cavill is now making huge bucks in Hollywood now working in movies like Man of Steel, Mission Impossible 6, etc. He himself has been pretty vocal about this fact that he loves to do these roles not just for the art, but also for the money that he gets for it and these roles have made him stupid rich.

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