10 Movies You Should Watch If You Enjoyed Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy

Free Guy is amongst the best of cinema that has come out this year. The movie was a worthwhile return to cinema halls as people have started doing the same again. It is now out on in-home media for people to enjoy and relax as they savor the fun ride. Filled with various moments of pop culture references the movie makes it never be boring. With various movies coming out based on the concept of games and some twist on them Free Guy appears to have really nailed its story while at the same time giving us an inverted Alice in the Wonderland kinda storyline. There are various such movies that also follow the idea of an individual suddenly stumbling upon an adventure and realizing that the world isn’t as it seems to be. Let’s take a look at some of the movies that you might actually enjoy if Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy was your cup of tea.

Back To The Future

The Back To The Future trilogy surely knew how to capture the audience with each movie having fun with the concept of time travel. While it might be pretty different from Free Guy, but Ryan Reynolds has himself agreed that the movie was a clear inspiration. It must have been with the absolute wonderment the character of Marty McFly experiences as Doc takes him through the adventures in order to correct their errors.



If you enjoyed the game-based theme of Free Guy you surely would enjoy Pixels with its heavy references. Even though the movie hardly has a story worth executing considering it takes a lot of liberty with its storytelling. We can still expect some fun moments as the characters from fan-favorite Nintendo games play friends and foes to the team of heroes. Some of the most exciting moments from the movie do come from watching real-world people interact with the pixelated game personas.



This movie came very close to Matrix as we see Greg played by Owen Wilson being told by Salma Hayek’s Isabel that the world he lives in is a simulation and she created it. Parallels can be drawn between this story and Free Guy with the fact that Guy finds out that the world he exists in is a lie. This is told to him by Millie herself. An essential part of both these stories is the idea of how they react to these realizations and how much it depends on the dynamic they share with the person who helps them in this realization.


The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie is absolutely brilliant and it is one of the most beautiful self-aware animated cinemas that we have had the chance to watch in a long time. Its true potential lies in how it manages the balance between what is real and fake at the same time giving us a humorous tale with various pop culture references riddle through and through. At the same time, the protagonist of this movie does resemble Guy in many ways.


Paper Man

Paper Man stars Ryan Reynolds as a superhero figure who is a childhood friend of Jeff Daniel’s writer block suffering character of Richard Dunn. While the tone of both the movies could be very different the similarity does exist in the idea of how a character forms a bong with an inexistent character. Paper Man attempts to move more towards the dramatic are with the concept of moving on from a past event.


The Truman Show

Just like Guy wasn’t aware he was existing in a world that was in a box, we saw Truman also coming to terms with the idea of living in a reality TV show in The Truman Show. The movie takes this plot device and breaks it down in a beautiful narrative while giving us equally essential statements about the modern world.

Blade Runner

The idea of questioning one’s own self is what connects Free Guy and Blade Runner. The latter is one of the best sci-fi movies from the cyberpunk genre that has made an impact on the movies of a similar genre that came after it.


Being There

Being There is a satire that explores the character of Chance who has actually never left his estate and ends up finding massive successes in the world due to absolute misunderstandings. This character hardly knows anything about the world but he ends up playing a major role in the world. What brings it closer to Guy from Free Guy has to be the fact that even after everything Chance remains absolutely positive about the world.


Ready Player One

Ready Player One is one of the movies on this list that is quite identical to the narrative of Free Guy. Both these movies explore a greater purpose the protagonists serve in order to find something hidden in the game itself in order to make an impact. Plus, both the movies have great effects and a somewhat similar plotline but at the same time do look absolutely different.



Gamer is an action-packed thriller that explores the lead character being forced into being the avatar for a gamer. He has a motive to look for his wife who also seems to be stuck in a similar circumstance. In order to find her, he makes a deal with the gamer to reach the creator and fight him. This is quite similar to the way the Free Guy could have been if it didn’t take a much lighter tone.

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