Nick Fury Will Appear in The Post Credits Scene of New Mutants

Nick Fury in Post Credits Scene of New Mutants:

The New Mutants were originally a small group of teenaged mutants from Charles Xavier’s school for gifted children. They were originally comprised of four girls and one boy namely Mirage, karma, Sunspot, Wolfsbane and Cannonball. Any X-Men fan worth their salt will remember this group from back in the 90s when they first showed up as a spin-off to Uncanny X-men comics. Prima face it seemed like they were created for two simple reasons, one that the original X-Men had matured into more adult heroes and that this new X-Men would have a more ethnically diverse and young cast to relate to the new generation or at least that was the idea behind this spinoff series. Do Marvel studios want to use the same approach for the new mutants during their MCU run? We don’t know, but we are absolutely free to speculate.

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However Kevin Feige chooses to present these diverse kids with uncanny powers on screen there is still the question that how does marvel plan to introduce these characters to the larger narrative and how does the studio plan to justify their powers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. New mutants are conceptualized to be a standalone mutants movie about an isolated group of super-powered teenagers. However, we still don’t know the origin of their powers and how these new “Mutants” differ from the already existing superheroes in the marvel cinematic universe. Is it the infamous x gene that will form the base of exposition in this new Marvel Cinematic Universe or are there some nefarious experiments going on behind the scenes in this iteration of New Mutants that will grant them their superhuman abilities.

Well, the reddit user r/VipMoxley seems to think that whatever events transpire in this movie the introduction of new mutants to the larger marvel cinematic universe will be done by none other than Nick Fury himself. The user believes that much like all the other core Avengers, mainly during the phase 1 movies,  we will have Nick Fury show up in the end credits scene of New Mutants only to say ,” So y’all thought you were the only mutants in the world?”. The theory has been reproduced below for your scrutiny, take a gander why don’t you and please continue reading for the analysis.

As you can see from the reddit post it seems clear that the user is trying to imply that Nick Fury already knows of existence of both the New Mutants and of all the other uncanny X-Men we all love and so adore but are yet to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If any of this is presumed to be true then this must mean that bringing back people from the snap has had more severe repercussions than we could have originally imagined. Also how will Nick Fury know all of this ? Well in the words of Tony Stark ,

“ He is the spy, even his secrets have secrets”

But what could this mean for the MCU. It is entirely possible that Nick Fury would be on the lookout for new talent for now broken S.H.I.E.L.D.  Could Fury be trying to recreate the covert organization by recruiting only mutants? I mean the kids are secluded and shunned and have superpowers , they basically qualify as spies already, however, it seems more than likely that if Fury is to make any contact with these new mutants it will be with the blessings of  Dr. Charles Xavier and his school for gifted children.

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What do you think about the Redditors post? Do you believe that the theory has some bite to its bark or are you inclined towards the possibility that new mutants might just be a completely secluded sub-franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Sort of like the punisher? I mean both are plausible ideas but it is definitely fun to speculate one way or the other. Let us know your opinion in the comments below, and do tell us what you think about Nick Fury and his now guiding role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the OG Avengers going their separate ways. We are eagerly waiting for New Mutants to come out, but up until then keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

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