The New Mutants Movie Villain is Actually as Strong as The Dark Phoenix

New Mutants  Villain Strong as Dark Phoenix:

As Fox makes the New Mutants movie its last stand and the final farewell to the Fox Verse – the superhero shared universe for the X-Men, new information regarding the movie is springing up as we speak and it is getting more difficult for the Studio to keep the rumor mill from churning out more than it should. As the first-ever movie with a superhero horror genre combination, the New Mutants movie is the first and probably will be the last of its kind. The movie has been in production hell and limbo ever since the Fox-Disney merger took the world by storm. But if rumors are to be trusted, the movie is currently on track to the theatres!

New Mutants Villain Strong as Dark Phoenix

Regarding the new rumor about the New Mutants movie, it states that the actual villain of the movie might not be the one that everyone was thinking to be. Instead of Demon Bear, the actual supervillain could be the Dark Phoenix and she is supposedly the most powerful version of among the multiple iterations of her we have seen in the comic books.

A new trailer for the New Mutants movie has been released and it is has the perfect mixture of horror and mystery rolled onto it. The PG 13 trailer also shows one other character that could be the one we are talking about.

Villain Strong as Dark Phoenix

Dani Moonstar aka the Native American Origin psychic leader of the New Mutants squadron could soon reveal herself to be the actual villain of the movie. The new trailer was released by Disney’s support and the fans are comparing it to the likes of Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street.

New Mutants Villain Strong as Dark Phoenix

The movie trailer finally gave us a shot of the primary antagonist called Demon Bear. In the comic books, Demon Bear was a psychic entity that lived and thrived on the astral plane. It had the ability to invade dreams and induce nightmares in people’s sleep. It mainly haunted Danielle Moonstar and she finds herself constantly battling this monster every step of the way. Demon bear was also responsible for the death of Danielle’s parents. So the history of Demon Bear and Dani Moonstar’s relationship goes a long way than we can possibly imagine.

Villain Strong as Dark Phoenix

Demon Bear was created after an alien had induced mutations that killed the parents of Dani Moonstar. The mutations caused so much pain that the couple released a flurry of negative emotions that were captured within the astral plane and gained sentience. Demon Bear has also had his tussles with other superhero characters like Warpath, Magik, Psylocke, and Bishop. He has the power to teleport himself to anywhere in the universe. He has immeasurable strength and the ability to corrupt and trans-mute souls. It draws power from the negative emotions of humanity. And since there is a lot of it and the source of its food is virtually inexhaustible, Demon Bear constantly grows in strength.

In the trailer, Blu Hunt, who plays Danielle Moonstar in New Mutants, is seen running from a huge demonic bear. She is next seen in the psychiatric institution that also houses the other core characters of the movie. The Director of the movie has told the fans that the trailer has only shown a fraction of the plot and there is much more to see than what meets the eye. It is but the tip of a huge iceberg is what they are telling us. The Movie will show us much more.

But that does not stop us from speculating, does it?!?!

Josh Boone, the Director of New Mutants, was once directly asked by an interviewer as to the purpose of Demon bear in the movie. When asked about whether it is the Primary Villain in the film, Josh Boone was quick to say this and we quote:

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that,” Boone said with a bit of caution in his tone. “I’d just say it’s very much inspired by that run of the comics.

This means that there is clearly more to the story than what meets the eye. The movie might be running on the same lines as the Dark Phoenix. In that arc, Jean Grey was the actual supervillain as opposed to what others believed that it was the Phoenix Force. If we use that as a precedent, then Dani Moonstar might be the true supervillain of the movie, not Demon Bear.

New Mutants Villain Strong as Dark Phoenix

If you have no idea as of now who Danielle Moonstar is, we can understand. For the casual moviegoer, it is pretty difficult to recognize names other than Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Cyclops and Gambit when it comes to Mutant heroes. Danielle Moonstar is a B-List Superhero from the pages of the X-Men. She leads a team called the New Mutants an offshoot of the X-Men that works independently. Danielle Moonstar’s power is to make other’s deepest fears a reality. She can dive into a person’s mind and find out what scares him the most. She also has the ability to actually create real physical manifestations of those fears using psychic energy. She is pretty powerful and her powers bode well with the New Mutants movie which is based on the horror genre.

Dani has been in a constant battle with an entity called the Demon Bear. Demon Bear is said to be Dani’s manifestations of her own fear. Since she possesses the ability to turn nightmares into reality, Dani subconsciously turned her own greatest nightmare into a real thing. And now it haunts her forever. In the comic, the soul-sword, a magical weapon that Magik can conjure, was used to defeat Demon Bear, who was thought to be truly invincible before that. The trailer also reveals Magik summoning her Eldritch Armour and her soul sword to her aid to fight an unknown enemy. We can assume it is the Demon Bear.

The New Mutants trailer revealed several scenes that could confirm Dani and Demon Bear have merged to form a powerful foe that can turn dreams into reality. There is a scene where Cannonball is shown walking through a mine. In the comics, Cannonball’s powers came after he witnessed a mine collapse. Wolfsbane was violently abused by his Reverend Father in a Church and a scene shows him hiding in a place similar to that as the Demon Bear tries to get through the door. Magik is attacked by devilish creatures that are basically the same as the demons from the Dimension of Limbo, a realm where Magik was trapped in as a child.

New Mutants Villain Strong as Dark Phoenix

Since Dani’s powers can literally warp reality, Demon Bear might have been the first of her manifestations brought to life after she gained superpowers. Demon Bear has ever since tried to ‘consume’ Dani Moonstar. Maybe our definition of consumption and Demon bear’s Consumption of Dani are different. Maybe Demon Bear is looking for a way to merge with Dani Moonstar just like the Phoenix Force merged with Jean Grey to become the Dark Phoenix in the first place.

We will know for sure if the theory is correct when the New Mutants movie releases on the 3rd of April, 2020.

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