How The Nun Connects To The Conjuring And Annabelle – Finally Explained

The trailer release for The Nun was the day before yesterday and it has officially broken records for the horror genre. The creepy biblical demon masquerading as a uniformed Nun returns to scare the shit out of us again pretty soon. But with the trailer release, fans of the Conjuring universe have been asking a question that is becoming louder and louder. How does The Nun connect to the Conjuring and Annabelle? The connection has been finally given an explanation.

The First trailer introduces us to a priest and a new catholic initiate that are investigating another Nun’s apparent suicide. The events unfold in Romania. As the protagonists dwell deeper into the case, they find sinister forces at play. As the case takes a ghastly turn, the investigators find themselves at the crux of a battle between the very forces of Good and Evil. The good guys now must use everything in their power to help save lives lest the evil side takes the cake.

Valak is the epicenter of the Conjuring franchise up until now. She has appeared as the Nun in both Annabelle: Creation and The Conjuring 2. The Conjuring franchise, which was the brainchild of James Wan, will be branching out into a shared universe similar to the MCU and the DCEU but catering to the horror genre. Valak might be one of the many antagonists that might become recurring villains in this franchise of movies. If The Nun clicks just like the previous movies before it did, it might kick off another set of films like Conjuring 3 or Annabelle: 3. And here’s how The Nun’s connection to The Conjuring and Annabelle 2 might be able to help in this regard.

Connection to Annabelle: Creation

The events of Annabelle Creation take place four years before that of the doll’s encounter with Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1971. The doll super villain of the franchise has been mostly associated with the occult and the supernatural while Valak is considered more of a spirit demon of biblical ancestry. So how do The Nun and Annabelle 2 intersect? The answer lies in the Post Credits sequence for Annabelle 2.

The Post Credits sequence shows Valak in its full glory as a Nun walking down a corridor with the candles going out as she moves further in the tunnel. The second reference to the Marquis of Snakes comes when the Repairman and Sister Charlotte converse, with the latter unable to confirm where she had seen the figure before. The references to Valak in this movie are subtle enough and a work of minimalistic beauty.

Connection to Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 is widely regarded as the movie where Valak truly made its mark in Hollywood. Ed and Lorrain Warren travel to England where they try to help a troubled British family that is terrorized by demonic possessions and ghostly occurrences. Valak is the creepy spirit that blocks Lorraine’s psychic abilities from detecting any form of ectoplasmic activity in the movie and almost making the Warrens believe that the victim family is lying. They realize their fault at the very last second and drive Valak out of the house, thus saving many lives in the process and adding one more haunted artifact to their inventory and one more successful case to their unbroken record.

Valak has only appeared scarcely in the Conjuring and Annabelle movies so The Nun will be the first full-blown outing for the horror supervillain. She is literally just getting started and given the fact that only a little of what we have seen of her was enough to give us dreadful month long nightmares; we cannot even begin to fathom what an entire movie about this unholy Nun will do to us. You better be excited for this thing. The rest of the world sure is.

Nun Connects To The Conjuring And Annabelle

The Nun releases on September 7th, 2018. The official film synopsis for the movie reads:

Vatican officials send a priest and a novitiate to investigate the suicide of a young nun in Romania. They soon find themselves in a fight for their lives when they encounter a demonic force that takes the shape of a nun.

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