Tom Hardy Has Shocked His Fans With This Statement

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

When a superhero is introduced in the comics, he is made to be the man atypical to normal men. Bestowed with superpowers and a built that towered over people to show that he is different and stronger, an individual that could protect the people. The physical appearance has changed and evolved over the years, due in part to the trends that were popular and societal change to the body and individual images.

When the comics started being made into movies, studios like Marvel and DC adhered that their heroes retain a reflection of their comic book counterparts, a standard that has become the norm. But is it truly what audiences want from their superheroes? Actor Tom Hardy doesn’t seem to think so. In an interview to promote his new project Taboo, Hardy criticized the 21st-century superhero, discussing his disdain by comparing heroes of yesteryears to those of today. Hardy said:

“Now you’ve got to look like you’ve just come off a vegan diet, gone to the gym, part Navy Seal, really clean-valued, clean-living, moralistic – and then you go out and save the world from an impending danger that isn’t really dangerous at all. And it becomes not committed to any sense of the gubbins of reality: I don’t recognize this man.”

Although many might disagree with his criticism, Hardy does have a point. Fans may enjoy seeing their heroes fight battles against villains from outer space etc, but have lost individuality to conformity. Actors are molded to become a type instead of being accepted to bring a good performance. If they look the part, who cares about the acting.

Whether you agree with Tom Hardy or not, he does focus a light on the current trends in superhero movies. With Marvel and DC setting up new worlds, the evolution of the superhero will definitely change, but not in the way he talks about it. But is that a bad thing?

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