Every MCU Phase 4 Character Who Could Have Beaten Thanos Easily

MCU’s Phase 4 brought in several new superheroes and villains that we had never seen before. Most viewers hadn’t even heard of them until they saw them on the big and small screens. But some of them are really powerful and could have beaten Thanos with ease. Here’s every MCU Phase 4 character who could have beaten Thanos easily:

Scarlet Witch

With the power level that Scarlet Witch had in Phase 4, she obviously could have beaten Thanos.



He could have used his flight, strength, and heat vision to take down the Mad Titan.


She possesses God-level powers of turning matter into anything she feels like. So, Thanos would not even stand a chance.



He was arguably the strongest Eternal. He died while saving Thena, but Thanos may not have been able to match his strength.


How could Thanos have beaten this guy who is even bigger than a planet? Obviously, it wasn’t possible.



Character Who Could Have Beaten Thanos

Russell Crowe’s Zeus is supposed to be as powerful as Odin, if not even more powerful. So, Zeus could have taken down Thanos, even if he wasn’t in his prime.

Gorr the God Butcher

With The All-Black Necrosword, Gorr was able to kill Gods easily. And so, he would have taken down Thanos as well.



The Moon God Khonshu could have taken down Thanos for sure.

Maybes – Phastos, Thena, and Hercules

Thena is one of the greatest Eternals warriors, and Phastos was a great inventor. So maybe, just maybe, these two could have beaten Thanos as well. But we can’t be sure. We’ve not seen Hercules in action yet. So he’d fall in the same category as Thena and Phastos.


Is there any other character who could have beaten Thanos? Let us know in the comments.

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