10 TV and Movie Superheroes With Kickass Martial Arts Skills

When you think of superheroes, you generally get the idea of a guy who can fly, lift a truck or stop a moving train with his bare hands. But the term Superhero has matured to include a lot of other quirks and qualities. Close Combat is one such area. You may not know how to fly but if you can fight well, you are worthy.

10. Hawkeye

Do not let the Bow and Arrow fool you. Hawkeye is one of the greatest fighters of the Marvel Universe. In the MCU, Clint Barton went head to head with the Black Widow, a world-renowned martial artist of her world. Combine that with his superior archery skills, Hawkeye is not someone you wanna piss off.

9. Hit Girl

Hit Girl is not your typical superhero. She is a pre-teen vigilante with serious daddy issues. But her whole life she has been trained by her father for one thing and one thing only, to fight. And that she does splendidly. She has single-handedly taken out scores of a gang member with a pistol and a knife. That speaks volumes about her prowess.

8. Rorschach

Watchmen is one of the greatest superhero movies of this era. And the thing we liked the most about Watchmen is the character of Rorschach. The movie showed how even a prison full of criminals with a grudge against him could not even touch the guy while he took out all of them like a piece of cake. When Rorschach gets angry, you stay away.

7. Spartan

John Diggle is a character that was introduced into the Arrowverse first, the comics later. He later became the Superhero Vigilante Spartan and joined the Team Arrow. With Oliver, Spartan has taken out scores of bad guys in Star City. His military expertise and his tactical prowess make him a force to be reckoned with.

6. The Punisher

Frank Castle is a war hero. But now he is famously known as the infamous Punisher – the guy who has declared a one-man war on crime. Frank Castle is so dreaded and feared in the Marvel Universe, even superheroes admire him. His martial arts skills have even helped him take down the Daredevil – the man without fear.

5. Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff used to be a Russian secret agent/assassin. But then she switched sides and became an agent of Shield. Her days in the espionage department have made her touch and stone cold. She has fought alien invaders and killer robots. She has tricked Gods. She is one of Marvel’s most powerful assets.

4. White Canary

Sarah Lance has trained under the League of Assassins. She is one of their most prized possessions. Under their tutelage, Sarah became a ruthless fighter who will do anything to defeat her opponent. Lance later joined the waverider and her fighting abilities are something that has always come in handy.

3. Daredevil

Matt Murdock is the Man Without Fear. He has trained for years to become the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. With his radar sense and Close Combat skills, he has taken down crime lords and mob bosses. His greatest ability is not to hit but to get hit and still stand up. If a guy goes up against the Daredevil, Matt will probably get a bloodied nose but in the end, the other guy will definitely end up a lot worse.

2. The Arrow


Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow and the solitary guardian angel of Star City. After 5 years in absolute hell, Oliver has returned with a plethora of abilities in his arsenal. He is one of DC’s premium martial artists, survivalist, escape artist, Firearms expert, tactician and strategist and obviously one of the world’s greatest archers of his generation.

 1. Batman


No Contest here!! The Dark Knight of Gotham is undoubtedly the greatest fighter of both DC and Marvel Universe. No one comes close to the caped crusader when it comes to Martial Arts skills. Those who doubt him should watch that warehouse fight scene in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman is not just a guy who knows how to swing a right hook, he also has the brains to strategize and use tactical ingenuity in a fight. Something that has helped him take down foes even bigger and more powerful than him. Even the Red Cape is no match for this guy.

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