New Easter Egg Hints That Variants Are Invading Hawkeye

The MCU has expanded to a point where massive changes don’t surprise us anymore. For example, Mysterio’s lie that he was an inter-dimensional traveler was accepted by Fury at face value. If this was 10 years ago Fury would have dismissed the idea as false. Similarly, we have a new theory for the ongoing Hawkeye series. With Phase IV picking up the pace we expect that the multiverse is bound to play a bigger role. There is a theory that suggests that Variants are invading Hawkeye.

Basically, fans have spotted some Easter eggs in the latest episode of Hawkeye that point towards a character being a variant of themselves. Whether this is common knowledge to the other characters or not is yet to be determined. However, there is a part of the online community that is convinced that this Easter egg is a part of a larger conspiracy waiting to be unveiled. Join us as we attempt to make sense of all the chatter and fan speculation.


In episode 4 of Hawkeye, we are brought back to the moment in time when Jack was holding Clint at the edge of his sword. To his surprise, Jack recognizes Hawkeye as an Avenger and reversed his blade. Jack then calls him ‘Archer’ which is meant to sound like a common mistake, even a funny one. But in reality, this mistake of Jack has more layers to it. You see, there is a Variant of Hawkeye by the name of Archer in the comics. We think that Jack’s mistake was no mistake at all.


Variants are Invading Hawkeye

We lied, there are actually 2 archers that Jack could be referring to in the episode. One of these is from Earth 9602 which houses a great many heroes that are a mix between DC and Marvel. The mash-up that concerns us today is Clinton Archer, better known as Hawkeye. This character combines both Green Arrow and Clint Barton to give birth to a master Archer who is an indispensable asset to the Judgment League Avengers.


Variants are invading Hawkeye

The second character who fits the bill is Wyatt Mcdonald from Earth-712. This was also a Hawkeye variant who went by two names, Black Archer and Golden Archer, before he settled on Hawkeye. The sinister placement of Jack’s words is quite interesting because of these pseudonyms. It is quite possible that Jack Duquesne is a variant from a different reality and he was saying the right name just to the wrong version of Hawkeye. This version of Jack has been a mystery for watchers from the very start.


We don’t know what kind of secrets he has in his closet but it is likely that we won’t like the look of them. However, this theory also indicates the original Jack Duquesne from the crimes of the variant. You see, the theory suggests that the variant is responsible for all the money laundering and the criminal stuff and not Jack himself. There is also another version of the speculation. This suggests that this Jack is actually a younger version of Armand Duquesne, which explains why we never see Armand’s grandson in the show.


The Questions

Variants are invading Hawkeye

Whatever the reality might be, one thing is very clear, Hawkeye is up against an actual villain and not the mild-mannered businessman that Jack is masquerading as. We wonder if things will become even more complicated if this is the reveal of Episode 5. For those of you who don’t know, showrunners have promised that Episode 5 will blow our minds. So it is possible that Jack is revealed to be a multiversal variant of Armand and he will take over the Hawkeye universe with all his multiversal knowledge and trickery.


It is also possible that we might see Kang make an appearance in the next episode if the Variant theory is proven to be true. What happens when the army of variants comes up against the remnants of Avengers in the MCU. What would Kate and Clint do? Will they be able to stand against the multiverse threats or will they fall victim to the immense threats that surround them. We cannot be sure if it is the most prudent option to fight here, maybe running will be a much better option.


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