Who Will Be the New Love Interest of Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man: No Way Home was the culmination of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy and it left us with a lot of changes in terms of Spider-Man. While the status of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains the same, there is some confusion regarding the status of Peter Parker. The last time we saw him, he had decided that it was better that MJ and Nate didn’t know about him. The scene where he goes to MJ and is about to tell her everything indicates that he will not let her know these things to keep her away from danger. But this makes us wonder about who will be his next romantic interest considering he is not letting MJ come back to his life for the whole being. Let’s take a look at the possible candidates for the new love interest of Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man movies of MCU.

Mary Jane Watson

Fans of Spider-Man have been used to the character of Mary Jane from the comics because of the Sam Raimi movies. Kristen Dunst was seen playing the role opposite Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker in the first Spider-Man trilogy. This was the very first romantic interest of Peter Parker that fans got used to. There are a lot of narratives based on the character that could be picked up. But it seems that MCU’s MJ is basically inspired by the character of Mary Jane itself. So it would feel weird for Holland’s Spider-Man to get involved with another MJ. It would be too far-fetched to imagine Holland’s Spider-Man after being aware that Zendaya’s MJ is actually a variant of Kristen Dunst’s Mary Jane.


Gwen Stacy

The very next Peter Parker love interest that we got to witness was Gwen Stacy. This character actually got quite popular with fans because of the rather tragic ending she had in the comics. Following the transition from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, we got The Amazing Spider-Man movies which featured Gwen Stacy. Even the movies had a tragic ending for the character and this was even referenced in Spider-Man: No Way Home. But there is little chance for this character to appear in the MCU because she has already been adapted. There were even plans for a possible comeback for her in the plans for The Amazing Spider-Man 3.


Cissy Ironwood, Jill Stacy, and Others

Fans would be surprised to find that Peter Parker has had a lot of love interests in the comics. But the problem with them is that none of them stuck around for an extended narrative like Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane. Generally, Peter would go through some troubles with these two and then he will head for someone else. But soon he would return to either of the two which is Mary Jane for most of the time. Most of these characters include Cissy Ironwood, Caryn Earle, Carlie Ellen Cooper, Michele Gonzales, and even Gwen Stacy’s cousin, Jill Stacy. MCU can bring up any of these characters for a single movie arc in order to give way for MJ to return again.


Debra Whitman

Debra Whitman stands out in comparison to most of the narratives we have gotten for Spider-Man’s romantic partners. The character is probably the worst relationship Spider-Man might have had in the comics. He treated her really poorly and repeatedly tried to avoid any chances of coming across her on dates or any other encounters. Peter wasn’t even avoiding her intentionally, because it was mainly his other life that got in the way of working out things with her. She almost went mad before their break up because she had a strong belief that Peter was Spider-Man. It would make for an interesting narrative to see how Tom Holland’s Peter Parker goes through this sort of a relationship.


Felicia Hardy

We have more time to explore Peter Parker even though the Spider-Man version is something we are used to. Getting a chance to witness Peter Parker getting together with Black Cat would make for an interesting narrative. In this case, Black Cat is actually a lot more interested in Spider-Man and is not interested in Peter Parker at all. That would make for a rather interesting plot for the MCU version of Spider-Man. There is a lot more chance for the character to be developed considering we already have Venom in the MCU. We know that Spider-Man in the Venom form was something rather common in the comics.


Michelle “MJ” Jones

To be honest, bringing in another Spider-Man romantic interest would actually ruin Tom Holland’s Peter’s arc. Last we saw him, he had promised that he would find MJ and let her know about everything and reunite with her. Even though we can imagine that he would prefer not to let her know right away, he will follow up on his promise sometime in the MCU. We have seen some of these massive changes being rushed out in the sequels and the same can be expected to be done in the next Spider-Man movie.

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