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Black Panther Used Infinity Stones & Had The Most Epic Fistfight!

The Infinity Stones have played a major part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe narrative for over a decade now. Phase 1 introduced us to these Infinity stones even though there was no clear mention of how they might play out in the future. The entire narrative came to an end with Avengers: Endgame as we saw the Stones being used for one final time to kill Thanos and his army. While we might still get to see some wild tales surrounding the Infinity Stones in the Disney+ What If…? series. There was a time in the comics when Black Panther used Infinity stones while wielding the Infinity Gauntlet for one of his most powerful battles.

Infinity Stones

Marvel has been setting up the narrative of the Infinity Stones from the very first movie in the franchise and this only helped us get an idea of the weight these will have in the story going forwards. The movies introduced us to each of the stones while at the same time letting us know the capabilities that these stones have for the time being. Each of those movies showed us in a certain manner the impact these stones have over the universe while Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 was the first movie to properly tell us about them.


After the end of the Infinity Saga, the Stones lost their essence as the future projects focused on many major aspects that lie ahead other than the Stones. While we did get a hint of the absolute impact that the Stones might have had if there used to their full potential like Vision does in What If…?. But it seems the focus has now shifted to much bigger concepts like the Multiverse with Loki introducing us to Kang the Conqueror who might end up being the next big baddie. The same series shows us the Infinity Stones being used as paperweights which is a clear indication of the value they have now.


When Black Panther Used Infinity Stones

Marvel had given us one of the biggest events where we saw Black Panther wield the six Infinity Stones to take on a god-like version of Doctor Doom. This happened back in 2015 in the continuity altering nine issues event Secret Wars, written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by Esad Ribic. The primary narrative of the comics saw the destruction of the Marvel multiverse and the creation of a patchwork reality called the Battleworld. This was also the place where the other worlds were saved from utter annihilation.


This was done by Doctor Doom after he had harnessed the powers of the Beyonders which made him the God-Emperor and he ruled the Battleworld with a strict, omnipotent fist and remade the reality in whatever way he feels okay. But he is then made to confront Black Panther and the rest of the handful of heroes and villains who had survived this massive destruction.


Black Panther used Infinity stones

In order to stop this rule, Black Panther goes to Doctor Strange’s hidden island which has a secret weapon that might end up being the key weapon to stop Doom. This weapon is none other than the Infinity Gauntlet and after wielding it we see Black Panther go into one of the major displays of battles that the Marvel Universe has ever seen. This starts with the King of Wakanda using it to turn Doom into a hardened substance that Namor shatters with his trident. Doom reconfigures himself and fires off an energy blast that T’Challa deflects easily but this causes him to lose a stone.


Before fans could even get a grasp of this epic battle it ends up transcending all the laws of reality and reason. They transform each other into giant mechs and the fight continues within the sun right next to an imprisoned Human Torch and the scope keeps getting bigger. This is a clear indication of the idea that Black Panther could wield Infinity Gauntlet and fight toe-to-toe against one of the major villains while utilizing the Infinity Stones to their full potential.


Black Panther used Infinity stones

Even though Doom still manages to beat up Black Panther, we can clearly see that as a true hero would, T’Challa doesn’t stop at anything to defeat Doom. This feat is actually reserved for a very few heroes but the comics gave us a clear indication that Black Panther can be included in the likes of these heroes. This is a major achievement for the character and it would be a massive narrative if it is brought to screen in the MCU.

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