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Avengers: Endgame – Here’s How Tony Stark Foreshadowed His Own Demise

Avengers: Endgame marked the end of an era. The movie brought an end to the Infinity Saga and also to the run of many characters. Earth’s mightiest heroes finally avenged the 50% of life that was perished by the Mad Titan, Thanos. But it all came with a huge cost. It all began with Natasha sacrificing herself to retrieve the Soul Stone during the time heist. It ended with Tony Stark sacrificing himself after wielding the Infinity Stones and snapping away Thanos and his Black Order. But did you notice how Tony Stark foreshadowed his own demise?

Tony Stark Foreshadowed His Own Demise

Tony Stark Foreshadowed His Own Demise

Tony knew that messing with time will not end well. Even though he may have doubted their actions, he was subconsciously hoping for the better. In order to reverse Thanos’ snap, they had to travel back in time and retrieve the Infinity Stones. But all this resulted in the Mad Titan traveling to the future and meeting the present-day Avengers. After Thanos attacked the Avengers headquarters, Cap was lying dazed on the ground and wondering what happened. To this, Iron Man replied, “You mess with time; it tends to mess back. You’ll see.” This could prove that Tony was rather aware of the sad conclusion.

Tony Stark Foreshadowed His Own Demise

Previously, Tony was adamant about not getting involved with the Avengers anymore. He was happy in his life with Pepper and his daughter. But after the time-traveling offer, Tony ended up figuring out the time travel mystery. But before all this, he had a conversation with Potts and said he was considering that he should just put a pin in the whole time travel thing, Pepper responded saying, “but would you be able to rest?” Maybe this is why he ended up figuring out everything.

But this is not it. There were other instances too. Even in the beginning, we saw a half-destroyed Iron Man helmet. This showed how Tony would look after snapping his fingers after wielding the Infinity Stones. His reference to time messing back just settled that he will indeed leave. Tony knew what he was up against and that he would have to give his everything.

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