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Endgame Theory Suggests That The TVA Was Helping Thanos Win

Avengers Endgame was an absolute blast for fans. The movie was a culmination of ten years of creative brainstorming. The fans thought that with the end of Thanos, the MCU had wrapped up their main story. But comic fans know that time travel is a trap. More often than not it creates more problems than it solves. “The bill always comes due.” Many people shrugged this warning off like it was nothing. But in reality, the Avengers messed with the main timeline and created alternate versions of themselves. This is how the Time Variance Authority got involved in the matter during the events of LokiExperienced comic fans know that it cannot be that simple and they have been speculating ever since the series finale of the show. A new theory on Reddit by u/chejordanxxx suggests the TVA was helping Thanos win.

TVA Was Helping Thanos Win

The Time Variance Authority is a very bureaucratic enterprise. It is an organization solely dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the main timeline. This is also known as the prime timeline by comic fans. The prime timeline is especially important. WIthout the prime timeline, our universe may cease to exist. The MCU would no longer be as we remember it. This is concerning. It is also something that He Who Remains cannot allow. It has been the prerogative of He Who remains to establish the TVA in every timeline along with his infinite versions so that the prime timeline may be saved. The implications of this suggestion are mind-boggling. Even though timeline saving feels like a noble quest, the implications are anything but…..

The Hypothesis

Let’s take an example, and then I will connect to the Reddit theory. Assume, for once, that during the events of Avengers Infinity War Thanos was stopped and Avengers never time traveled. It could have been because of the perfect execution of the titan plan, or any similar variation. With this, the Avengers would have won without the need for time travel. But it would also mean that the TVA would have interfered and completely erased the timeline. Why? Well, because it is not the main timeline. The main timeline necessitates that Avengers use time travel so that the TVA can get to Loki. If the TVA does not pick up Loki then they are not doing things as intended. You see, each and every move was planned meticulously by the TVA so that things happen exactly as they needed them to. As they were intended to.

Any Variation is dealt with, with a swift removal/pruning by the TVA. This means that every time the Avengers got close to defeating infinity war, the TVA interfered and made sure that did not. The TVA was intentionally helping Thanos win over and over again. They made sure that he collected all the infinity stones and that he destroyed all of them so as to drive the Avengers into a corner. Only when the Avengers were despondent would they consider something as crazy as time travel.

TVA Was Helping Thanos Win

The Dr. Strange Connection

Dr. Strange said during the events of Infinity war that there is only one timeline out of a possible 14,000,605 which results in the Avengers triumphing over the Mad Titan. Even though Thanos could have been defeated in multiple ways, there was only one path where the TVA would not interfere. Dr. Strange knew this. He also knew that the Avengers could not fight both TVA and Thanos at the same time. So he made an executive decision. He told Iron Man a half-truth. He told them that there was ONLY ONE timeline where they come out on top. But he was not talking only about the fight with Thanos. He had also accounted for Kang and the TVA. That was the end play, the true power of the time stone.

Dr. Strange said, “If I tell you what happens, it won’t happen”. He meant it literally. If the information of TVA and Kang was released by Strange before Thanos was defeated the timeline would be pruned by the TVA. This meant that to defeat the Mad Titan Strange would have to hold his silence until absolutely necessary. The power of limestone gave him the vision and the foresight to make this decision.

This theory on Reddit is garnering a lot of steam because it could be true. A lot of theories take a lot of liberties from the story but this does not. It focuses on what is important, what is “PRIME” and hence stands out from all others. What do you think? Can it be true? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything marvel.

What are your thoughts about this theory? Do you think that the TVA was helping Thanos win? Let us know in the comments.

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