How John Krasinski Could Return as Reed Richards on Earth-616

We believe that John Krasinski could return as Reed Richards in the MCU. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen tremendous growth over the past couple of years. Avengers: Infinity War set a precedent that all other films are yet to follow. A benchmark for a compelling superhero movie was set so high by the Infinity Saga that other studios felt it necessary to capitalize on the superhero wave. DC, Fox, Sony, and Marvel themself, all jumped at the chance of expanding their universe. But the MCU was already so massive. So Kevin Feige, in all his glory, came up with the idea of the multiverse and threw MCU’s audience into the deep end. Multiverse of Madness is an appropriate example of this.

We could have never expected to see both John Krasinski and Charlize Theron in the movie. And yet they came and went. Mr. Fantastic also met a gruesome end, which, admittedly feels like a fakeout. The entire sequence with The Illuminati seems like a fakeout. It was nothing but an excuse for Wanda to go on a rampage through a dreamwalk. All so that Strange could do the same thing with the help of the dead body of Defender Strange from the start of the movie. It is all so preposterous and unnecessary. But we think there is more to it. It is precisely because it was so over the top that these characters are guaranteed to return in a future movie. Marvel Studios is smarter than we give them credit for.


John Krasinski Could Return As Reed Richards

We believe that John Krasinski’s character can still appear in the MCU as Reed Richards. Let me explain the “how”. Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. As you have seen in the movie, Peggy Carter is still Hayley Atwell, Maria Rambeau is still Lashana Lynch, and Anson Mount is still Black Bolt. This shows that the MCU uses the same cast across the multiverse. It is only the other studios that have different casting choices for their franchises. So it is more than likely that John Krasinski will also play Reed Richards on Earth-616.


John Krasinski could return as Reed Richards

Moreover, we can’t imagine him signing on only to play a 2-minute cameo in the MCU. At least, we hope not. Now that the obvious is out of the way, let me speculate on the future of the MCU and how things will play out now that The Illuminati has been revealed to us. When we visit Earth-838, it can be seen that in this version of the universe, Earth’s technology is far more advanced than in the 616 Universe. We even see a machine that can help people relive their most precious memories.


Reed Richards Tony Stark

This means that this earth might not be in the year 2025 or their year 2025 might not be the same as us. We think that although some character roles were switched and some technology was different, that earth was much like our own. I further speculate that Marvel showed off Earth-838 to make sure that we notice things and pick out easter eggs to our heart’s content. They are doing this so that they can get inside our heads. John Krasinski could return as Reed Richards. But how will he do that, you ask?


The Future

We presume that after a pre-comic accident Reed Richards will soon make an appearance in the MCU, and when he does, things will truly start to unravel. This is the only play that they have left. They have to make sure that the character has some standing in the native MCU universe before they give him the keys to the city. We hear a lot of chatter about the Baxter building and the foundation, we also hyped up about the most intelligent man on earth and then he dies moments later.


I don’t know. it seems too much of a troll move, even for the likes of Marvel. Maybe this was supposed to be a screen test for Krasinski. he certainly portrayed the role of the character really well.

John Krasinski could return as Reed Richards, What are your thoughts on this? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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