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Tony Stark Made A Funny Upgrade In Rhodey’s War Machine Suit

There’s no doubt that Tony Stark is one of the best engineers in the comics and he shows off this skill with his armors. However, when it comes to the designs for War Machine, he has a bit of a sick sense of humor. And with his humiliating designs, Iron Man is back in the new Iron Man #13. Tony Stark made a funny upgrade to Rhodey’s suit, but more on that later. The comic edition features an epic team-up between some of the best Superheroes including Human Torch, Frog-Man, and others with Iron Man and War Machine.

James Rhoades has been a best friend to Tony Stark for the longest time but they have a weird relationship. Tony would take a bullet for him but he has a weird way of showing his love. But this love for Rhodey added with his passion for practical comedy, Tony likes humiliating Rhodey with his weird armor styles. And this time, it is a tacky handle protruding out of his back for carrying other superheroes who can’t fly.


The comic features the return of Korvac, a traitor to the human race, and this time he is set on achieving God-like powers. And his plan is dangerous as ever. He plans to absorb the powers of cosmic energies from the worldship of Galactus, Taa II. And Iron Man, despite his severe injuries, wants to stop him at any cost. He has assembled War Machine, Hellcat, Spider-Man, Halcyon, Frog-Man, and others and calls them his Space Friends.


Tony Stark Made A Funny Upgrade

The team arrives at Taa II to see that Korvac is already in the halls. Tony, who can barely stand, orders Rhodey, Frog-Man, and Halycon to go inside the Taa II and search for the self-destruct button. “There has to be one, knowing Galactus.” Then we see Halycon riding on War Machine like on does on the horse-back, using the handle. The funny part is that this is not the first time Stark has attached a similar handle before.


A similar handle was seen in the recent Disney+ What If…?’s pilot episode wherein, Howard assembles an armor for Steve Rogers. The armor has an uncanny resemblance to the Iron Man suit and has a handle specially made for Peggy Carter to ride into the battlefield. Also, we saw a similar design in Rhodey’s red and yellow suit in the 70s and 80s. Rhodey used it to carry Tony when he had crippling alcoholism.


War Machine Facts

War Machine was created as armor for a soldier. It possesses a whole arsenal of weapons and seeing a handle among them is just humiliating. Of course Stark put it for humor purposes and it seems to be working. It might be a good and useful design but the War Machine is just too good for it.

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